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Survivor: All the Colors – All the Time

September 16th, 2010

Well, another season of Survivor has started. (Wednesdays on CBS & Global). I do have to confess that last year, some of the player’s Colors were much easier to spot when an off the chart Orange, and a totally Gold ex-Marine, were the focus of the first episode.

But it’s more in what the producers choose to show. That poor Wendy is Blue wasn’t hard to tell. Sadly, she was also the first one voted out. Here are some of her quotes:

I don’t know if I’m naive…People always like me! Everybody wants to be my friend (back home).

That was her sharing at tribal council, when she felt insulted nobody asked her age, or got to know her! Well, Wendy, you shared that your strategy was to keep your head down and NOT to talk (they call me chatterbox at home…) That’s not what Blues do. You indicated you wanted other to approach YOU. NOT a good idea, and NOT how you live your life. “I’m gonna hide my true feelings” was not a good thing to share, and not the best strategy for any Blue. And after she was voted out, she told the camera: “I know if I would have been myself, they would have liked me better.” Yup – too late.

Fabio is certainly one of the high Oranges on the young (LaFlor) tribe. That’s the nickname he was given, and you can certainly see he’s in perpetual motion, high energy, and a constant smile. Oh, and that mischievous grin…keep an eye on him.

On the “old” tribe (Espada), one of the people is ex NFL coach Jimmy Johnson. Well, there’s an Orange. “I don’t have control here – I’m not in charge…” “Everybody in the world needs motivation. I can help motivate these people get psyched up!”

Holly is another person that’s likely high Blue. “I’m a very good judge of people….She’s a swimming coach and claims she really knows how to deal with all types of personality types. News flash for Holly: I can’t see you being around that long…sorry…

Also keep an eye on Naone. She’s a P.E. teacher, and that’s a pretty good clue that she’s high Orange. She has also started to do some trash talking: “You wanna outrun me? Let’s race!” But she was talking about another tribe member with a prosthetic leg. Way to go, Naone…

Stay tuned, things will become a lot clearer in the next few shows. And you have to know the Orange competitiveness, directness, and winning at all costs will manifest themselves. You just couldn’t see it with the lame challenge in the first episode. At some point in time, you will also see the Golds starting to take control, and to get things organized….Stay tuned!

Oranges: The Good, the Bad, the 2nd Color

May 31st, 2010
The good part of this story is one the lessons every Color can learn from the great Orange no-fear attitude. This was a note from a friend: Yes, I’m a “figure it out as I go” kind of person. One of my friends can’t believe how I fake my way into jobs. I got a job in the accounting department on Shanghai Noon years ago when I was traveling. I remember my friend commenting that I knew nothing about accounting! To which I replied: “I’ll figure it out.” She was blown away by my moxy. But…nothing ventured, nothing gained…
The bad comes from the season finale of Survivor two weeks ago. Last year, I wrote that very Orange Russell would self-destruct. Well, he did make it to the final three. This year’s heroes vs. villains show invited Russell for a 2nd season! Again, he made it to the final show, but lost again. He actually received no votes, and lost to Sandra Diaz-Twine, a Gold/Blue, or Blue/Gold. Russell was the best in lying, manipulating, and intimidating. But at the end of the day, the jury votes went to someone “nice,” and not someone that played the game a little “too well.”
For all of our Color combinations, it is often quite easy to tell our second Color. And it is also very valuable, because we tend to flip back and forth between our first two Colors, which shapes how we think, act, and make decisions. Orange/Green Donald Trump had one of those moments a few weeks ago on the reality show: Celebrity Apprentice. He was in the boardroom with poor Blue Cindy Lauper (Blues are a very small group in the U.S. population, where Oranges and Golds make up almost 80%). Lauper was being put on the spot, and found it impossible, again, to throw someone on her team under the bus. “I feel so bad…” At which point, Trump leaned forward, stared at Lauper, and corrected her: “Badly! Say badly!”
Your Orange/Green teammates, boss, or friends, may want it fast – but they also want it done correctly!

The New Survivor: Great Color Lessons

February 11th, 2010

This week, CBS starts the 20th season of Survivor. This one features previous contestants on the show, and is entitled Heroes vs. Villains. Even if you are not a fan of reality television, it’s worth watching one or two of the early episodes. You will clearly be able to see the Colors of a large number of the participants.

Who stays back and quit, just watching people, and has some very insightful comments?

Who makes it all about a social game? Wants to talk to people one on one, and often touches their fellow competitors on the arm, or gives them a hug?

Which tribe members want to get the job done first before visiting or relaxing, and are clearly the work horses in their group?

Who is totally into the mind games, manipulations, and challenges?

Reality shows attract, and want, Blues and Oranges, but you’ll see some Greens and Golds, too. Pay attention to which become trusted, and trustworthy, popular, pushy, or annoying.

Do remember that these people are not likely the same as they are away from the camera and Survivor. Stay tuned, and post your feedback if you can spot the high ranking Golds!

On TV: Survivor: The Best Color Clashes Yet

September 30th, 2009

A few weeks ago, the new season of Survivor started, and this year’s show has a great variety of Colors well worth watching. While all reality shows do personality assessments in looking for way more Blues and Oranges, Survivor Samoa has a great mix of people, based on the first episode.

Every show needs an agitator and someone to hate, and this year it’s high Orange business owner Russell. “Hey, I’m a multi-millionaire. I don’t need the money! I’m here to show how easy it is to win this game.” His self-proclaimed goal is to make life miserable for his team, as he empties all the water bottles the first night, and starts to burn the clothes of some of his teammates.

Within the first few hours he had also made four different and individual alliances with the women on his team. Russell suggested they’re “not that bright,” and it would be easy to manipulate them. He took it one step further when he told the entire camp a total lie about being stranded during hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, his dog dying, and having to be rescued off a rooftop after two days. “They’re so gullible…”

Note to Russell: It’s unraveling already, because a number of your teammates are high Blue and can spot a phony a mile away! High Blue Marisa actually told him the next day that she was really weary of him, and felt he couldn’t be trusted. But that assured he manipulated his tribe to assure she was voted off during the first show. Betsy, a police officer, wasn’t buying it either, sharing with one of the other women that “I would never trust him – woman’s intuition.”

Russell had a choice before the show started. His Orange could have chosen to be the fun and creative guy. He could have used his huge people skills to make genuine connections and easily make friends. He could have chosen to be a positive influence, and be the ultimate go-to guy in challenges with his drive to win. But Russell made a conscious choice to be the TV star and resident bad guy. It’ll get him way more TV time, while millions of viewers will love to hate him, but that’s fine with Russell. He just needs to get his mileage while he can, because he won’t be on the show as long as he thinks…stay tuned…

(High Gold Shannon’s first day on the show is on the blog already. And great news for Blues that a fellow Blue, Jordan Lloyd, won Big Brother last month! See – it pays to be nice and to fit in! Survivor’s Shannon, the super Gold story is on the blog already.)

Survivor Samoa: The Biggest Gold Won’t Last

September 18th, 2009

Yesterday was the start of Survivor Samoa (Thursdays on CBS), and this year’s cast has a great variety of Colors to watch, even if you’re not a Survivor fan.

The last few weeks I have been telling a bunch of seminar attendees to watch at least the first few weeks of the show, and to observe what happens to at least one Gold person. Just as predicted: meet Shannon, an ex Marine, and super high Gold.

Shannon really wanted to be elected leader of her tribe. But she was lucky not to be, or you could have bet she’d be the first one voted out of her tribe. So far, her impatience with others to get their work done before playing has only been towards the cameras, and not her team – but that’ll change. When everyone wanted to go for a swim, she went nuts: “I would have cracked the whip and laid down the law.” Yes, there’s a to-do list and work to be done, but Shannon was wrong thinking it’s because the others are in their 20’s. It’s because they’re not that high Gold, Shannon!

She probably doesn’t intend to come across as impatient or bossy. I’d bet, like all Golds, she really cares about her team, and wants them to do well. But there’s work to be done and then we can go play. Right now, it’s irresponsible to goof off on the first day here!

Building their shelter, high Green Rocket Scientist John, wanted to take a five minute break so he could “think about the water run off and wind before we build this (shelter).” Unfortunately, that sent Shannon off the edge again. Think about this? Take a break? Let’s get on with it and build the thing – NOW!

If you’re watching the show, keep an eye on Shannon. How does this Gold, wanting to contribute, do well, and win, reconcile this with the DNA of her Gold personalities’ stresses of delays, perceived irresponsibility, lack of focus, and little progress on her to-do list? Just don’t take her in your Survivor pool!