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Different Colors – Different Planning

October 3rd, 2016

Help, George: I keep seeing business systems that use planners, and my upline tells me I HAVE to use a planner, or lose a lot of income. It feels completely alien to me. I get a shape to my day, a rhythm, and having a schedule stresses me out to no end. I know I need some kind of organization to keep track of everything, but what kind of thing would work best for my Colors? My Gold upline says do NOT use the calendar or reminders on my phone, because that’s reactive instead of proactive. T

Hey, T: Our four Colors have very different definitions of family, fun, honesty and…organized! That word is defined by Golds: BIG day planners, neat piles, clean desk, baskets in the junk drawer, and four boxes in the garage or closet, all labeled, all straight, and all the same color and size – period. If you don’t fit this “world” definition of organized – you’re not organized – period.

But organized is in the eye of the beholder…or Color. News flash: Oranges don’t fit any of that Gold definition, yet they manage to get work done, find stuff, do follow-ups, not forget to pick up their kids, and make it through life. Who knew that it isn’t all about the “Gold” way of getting things done?

Your Blue wants to please the Golds that think they know the way, your Green thinks what you’re doing is just fine and probably the best way/or the best way for you…while your Orange wonders if there’s a shortcut way to being organized that won’t slow you down and still (kind of) keeps you on track.

If you get the $100 organizer with all the super cool sections, etc., or even take some seminar on how to be organized and efficient – you will never use it. It’s a Gold thing, and you’re not Gold.

There isn’t an answer that Golds can give you which will work for you. Yes, they’re telling you what you have to do because they care, and want you to do it their way. But their way won’t work for most of the 65% of people who aren’t Gold. If it did, you’d already be doing it!

If you system is phone reminders and calendar, some notes here and there, or whatever – you’re doing it just right – for you – for your Colors. If you talk to another non-Gold, ask them what works for them. Maybe they’ll have one or two additional things that you may want to adapt. But until then…carry on, and don’t let another Color’s definition of anything force you to be something you’re not.

Another New Year, Another Resolution to Get Organized

January 6th, 2013

A Blue friend confessed the other day that her new position is a LOT of paperwork that she’s fighting and not really enjoying. Her previous position was 90% paperless and this one – not so much. She confessed that she needs to get more organized and embrace paperwork more – but without much conviction in her voice.

But maybe she (and most Blues and Oranges) don’t need to learn to “enjoy” paperwork. Maybe they just need to get mad enough to want to do it only once and get it off their desk forever! With that attitude it’s just a matter of slowing down so they can speed up. In other words, do it right the first time, notice all the little details, get the initials and signatures in the right spots, look it over before the client leaves, and be done with it forever.

Plan B is to do what they’ve always done. Get the client back, have the paperwork re-signed, pile it up on the corner of their desk, and increase the dread of going anywhere near their desks. It’s always a choice – do it once or do it over and over and over…

For Oranges, and a lot of Blues, the big-picture resolution to get more organized will be on their list again for years to come. Being organized means they can find what they need, when they need it. Yes, many times Oranges wish they were more organized. But those occasional thoughts are not enough of a priority to make it happen to any significant degree or anytime soon.

In order to make that goal come true, the pain level of what they are currently doing (or not doing) has to be high enough – and it isn’t. Sure, there’s an occasional frustration when they lose something, can’t find this or that, or have to go back and take care of the missing details. But that’s considered more of a temporary inconvenience rather than the impetus to make some major lifestyle changes.

A Great Gold Quote

June 4th, 2009

The Edmonton Journal business writer Gary Lamphier had a great quote this morning that is worth sharing. His column was about lists, such as the Fortune 500, best business schools, etc.

But his column will certainly have bonded him with the Golds of the world. I bet it was without knowing, but Golds (and Greens), are his most likely readers, in any event.

The column started with: I have a confession to make: I’m an addict. I’ve got a craving I can’t shake. I’m hooked on lists. Lists satisfy my cravings for order. I admire their finality. Lists make a messy world tidy.

On behalf of all the Golds in the world, Mr. Lamphier: You bet!

Honoring Your Friends

April 1st, 2009

Orange friends: Be active with them and don’t slow them down. Be spontaneous, fun and not a drag. Stay optimistic and upbeat in conversations. Don’t ask them to do a lot of planning and details, but stay flexible and ready to spring into action. Recognize that they’re constantly busy and will not always stay on track.

Blue friends: Be receptive to longer conversations and share your feelings and thoughts. Praise their imagination and creativity and be aware they wear their heart on their sleeve. Actively listen to them without fixing, as they listen to you, spend quality time one-on-one with them and stay supportive.

Green friends: Be mindful of their need for independence and desire to think things through and consider all options. Be aware of their natural curiosity about life and give them things that challenge their problem-solving abilities. Respect their inventions and ideas and remember that they look for credibility and prefer much of their communication by e-mail.

Gold friends: Remember to stay on time and on track. Be dependable and loyal and make sure to be extra organized and efficient. Do what you say and return things you borrow promptly. Be aware that they have a close and small circle of friends, a definite line between work and personal life, and a strong sense of privacy. Keep conversations with them focused and to the point.

Let’s Make A Deal

May 1st, 2008

For Golds, being organized and having their world neat and tidy is not an option, but an important part of allowing them to relax and function. But lots of e-mails I receive are on the effects neat and organized (or not) can have on relationships.


A recent one was from a lady who just starts cleaning up her sisters’ house when she goes to visit. Golds value doing acts of service and it’s a way she is showing her sister that she loves her. But her sister doesn’t see it that way. It has become clear that she views it as interference. She is very resentful and feels quite judged when a visit isn’t a visit, but almost like the TV show Clean Sweep.


The last e-mail was even stronger. It was from a lady (let’s call her Kim), whose mother will no longer visit her, or her grandkids, because she believes Kim’s home is way too messy. Ouch! Yes, Kim has a Gold score close to zero, but also has two young kids and a full-time job. But whatever the reason, her Gold mother feels so uncomfortable at her place that she has stopped visiting.


Is drawing that line in the sand from a high Gold silly, stupid, overreacting or justified? Everyone’s answer will be different, but the need to have things neat and organized is as critical to Golds as some alone time for Greens, connecting with people for Blues, and fun and freedom for Oranges. Golds cannot relax or focus in chaos or a mess, whether that’s at home, work or anywhere else. So perhaps how you answer that question will give you some insights into how well you practice the power of Colors.


We don’t get to pick our family members. But everything in life is “let’s make a deal” to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Will some of these questions give you a different way of looking at these types of conflicts?


  • Does the other person have a point, or are they stuck in their judgments and being unreasonable?
  • Is cleaning up a little worth the effort to honor that person and have them visit?
  • When a Gold family member cleans up a little, do you know they’re showing you (not saying) that they love you and care about you? AND that it makes them feel valuable to be helping?
  • Is it an issue of wanting to be right instead of happy, with either you or the other person?
  • Can you visit her with the kids, instead of creating a fight when she comes over?
  • Do you know how happy a high Gold would be if you asked for help? But how would you feel?
  • With your knowledge of Colors, and your low Gold, are you using these tools to strengthen your relationships with other Colors, or just using it to “define” others?

Better yet, can you lend your family member a copy of the Colorful Personalities book to give him or her lots of insights into your Color’s strengths and joys versus the focus on the negatives and judgments? Family is everything. Most of us would readily spend $2,000 to grow all of our family relationships, wouldn’t we? Yet a $20 investment in the Colors book accomplishes most of that pretty easily.

A Great E-Mail Question

March 1st, 2008

Hi George: Can you share some information on how we can adjust our lives using our insights of Colors? I am a Gold/Blue, a workaholic, and would like to learn strategies to learn how to place importance on ME and to set some healthy boundaries. Life is slipping by and I want to smell the roses, but find it hard to do. M.


Hey M: As you described so correctly, our second Color matters a lot! You’re another Gold workaholic and can’t say no. Gee – the former is totally Gold and the latter is a real challenge (doubly so) for most Gold/Blues. Blues want to be loved and included so they don’t say no, and Golds do things out of a sense of duty and responsibility.

But when the Gold “I have to do it,” or your Blue “they need me,” burns the candle at both ends it does NOT make you a brighter light. It just burns you out faster. For Golds, the more stress they have and the less “perfect” life is going, the more they work, thinking that doing “more” will make it better. Besides, it’s a great place to “hide” from life and facing other issues. It’s a safe place to be, they’re good at it, it’s a world Golds can control and it makes them invaluable…just before burning out, as they’re stressed to the max, snaps, gets sick, hardens the tone of their voice, become less flexible and more rigid.

So what’s really going on that you’re hiding from, avoiding or not wanting to change? What would happen if you said no and set some gentle boundaries? What do you feel you’d lose vs. what would you gain? Until the gain is bigger than the perceived loss, you won’t move. The pain has to be big enough to choose to act.

Isn’t part of the workaholic issue that the moment you get out the door you still have a to-do list managing your life? Can you have an entire day of nothing planned without feeling you’re being irresponsible? Can you take your great organizational skills and pass the buck without feeling you’re slouching off without feeling nobody else could do it, from filing at work to a cleaning person at home?  And to start, can you change your stinkin thinkin from ways it can’t be done, changed or improved to actually thinking of how it IS possible and you deserve better? Are you worth it?