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Choose Your Color

February 2nd, 2017

Your primary Color isn’t about to change anytime soon…or ever. But your behaviors can change all the time, depending on your circumstances, stress level, meeting, when you’re with a friend, your child, partner, parent, or coworker. Note that the key word here is “can.”

Don’t let your primary (first) Color take away the freedom to be the other three. It’ll make you a more well-rounded person! You’re always free to choose the Color of your behaviors. Just don’t ever say: I’m (this Color) so you have to… or that means I can’t…need you to…or whatever excuse you may have for staying stuck in the comfort zone of your primary Color. Here are the most common ones for each Color:

I’m Blue so you should be nice to me. No, I have to criticize you for something that went wrong yesterday. YOU need to differentiate between me not liking this specific thing versus not liking you.

I’m Orange, so I was late. No, you multi-tasked too much and are rude in having five people waiting to start a meeting.

I’m Green so I’m always sarcastic. No, you don’t have to be. You need to be aware that it’s not funny to lots of other people, especially when it’s a put-down sarcastic comment.

I’m Gold so it has to be done this way. No, there are lots of ways to get from here to ‘done.’  Your way is your way, but it’s not the only way, nor the way others can and do get there successfully.

Care enough to grow your knowledge and use of Colors:

-What’s your biggest excuse in hiding inside your first Color? If you can’t think of it, ask some friends or coworkers to be honest with you.

-Find a way to have your team do the Colors Advanced seminar

-Read the Colors at Work section about the dark side of your primary Color

What Exactly Is Procrastination?

March 4th, 2015

Quite frequently, all four Colors list procrastination on their list of stresses. But, like a lot of other words, it has a very different definition for each Color.

The typical simple definition is to put something off for…later, or whenever. If you choose to put off something until the very last day, you may be standing in a lineup for three hours, instead of the five minutes it would have taken last week. But that’s a choice – your choice – and totally takes away your right to complain about the insane lineup and waste of time. Going at the last minute was a choice. You just need to remember that not making a choice is still a choice!

Procrastination beyond an agreed-to deadline is a problem. Others relied on you, you gave your word, and now it’s fair that other Colors are stressed when you dropped the ball.

But is it procrastination when Greens aren’t making a decision? That often depends on what you want: A quick answer so you don’t label it as procrastination, or the right decision? Greens aren’t really procrastinating – they’re still researching and thinking. That’s quite different from what others think is happening. After they pull the trigger they sure don’t have a problem sticking with a decision and not waffling.

Golds are probably the least likely to procrastinate. It’s on the to-do list, so it needs to get done. Whether it’s unpleasant, a crappy task, or whatever – just do it. But maybe they should delay things every once in a while. When they’re stressed, tired, or in a bad mood, those aren’t the times to deal with something involving people, or anything that’ll take a long time. Better to put it off until tomorrow when they’re in a better state than to stubbornly plow ahead, just because it’s next on the to-do list.

The Orange impatience hates it when others delay them. But they don’t consider it an issue to put something off for a while. They’re always multi-tasking and finishing this one thing will get done…just not right now. Is it procrastinating when the deadline hasn’t come, or is it just working on different priorities? Missing a deadline is procrastinating, but to Oranges, anything up to that point is just re-arranging priorities.

There’s also a difference between procrastination and indecisive. I would suggest that indecisive comes in two forms:
‘People indecisive’ is when someone is not comfortable making a decision because of a fear that they’ll offend someone (hello Blues?). Where do you want to go for lunch? No, were do you want to go?

‘Solo indecisive’ is just someone who can’t make up their mind without anyone else around. It drives me crazy when someone comes into a mostly empty restaurant and walks (or has the hostess walk them) through the entire place because they can’t decide where to sit.

Oranges Rejoice!

October 13th, 2014

Hurray! Another piece of technology to make your life easier has now become affordable. Until now, there hasn’t been any help in finding stuff that you lose. OK, not lose…misplace… It’s one of the biggest stresses for Oranges because you have to stop multi-tasking and start to retrace your steps and a frequent ‘running late’ will now become running very late..

Want to spend $25 to make that pain go away? Stickr Track (available at is a coin sized GPS chip that can be attached to anything and everything small enough to potentially lose. The device can then be located or tracked on your smartphone. Stick it on the collar of your cat, the binder with the latest report, your keychain, or anything else that you need to find in a hurry….or should never lose or be without… When you’ve managed to pass on the ugly detail work of the report, stick it on the next one. Or, if you can find the report and not your phone, the Stickr also works the other way in locating that.

It’s another reason to thank Greens for all the inventions to make your crazy life a little easier.
Or perhaps others can get their Orange coworkers to carry it around. Since the last place you find an Orange is at their desk, this could be a big help in tracking THEM down, too…

Is Multi-tasking A Bad Idea?

July 1st, 2009

No matter what your primary Color, are you more of an Orange multi-tasker, or a Gold “one thing at a time” person? Your answer will probably decide whether you love or hate (and disagree) with some of the recent research on the issue, summarized in a Montreal Gazette article:

Not many years ago, multi-tasking was hailed as a breakthrough in efficiency. Now, some are comparing it to attention deficit disorder – yikes! The human brain, the latest research shows, is just not capable of performing two or more tasks simultaneously with any degree of efficiency. It gets agitated and distracted. The business world once embraced multi-tasking as a solution to demanding schedules. But the bloom is off that rose: A British study published in 2005 found that workers who were “distracted by e-mail and phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers.”

The study’s author, University of London psychologist Glenn Wilson, also said that constantly breaking away from tasks to respond to e-mail or text messages has essentially the same effect on alertness as missing a night’s sleep. But would that be a big deal to an Orange anyway?

But there is more: Experts believe that children might be at risk of under-achieving because of out-of-control multi-tasking. Jordan Graftman of the U.S. Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke said this to Atlantic magazine: “Children (who) are instant messaging while doing homework, playing games online, and watching TV, are not going to do well in the long run.” The story also quoted psychology professor Russell Poldrack that humans are “not built” to multi-task. “We’re really built to focus.”

Millions of Oranges will tell you that these findings are bullcrap, while Golds love the feedback that they are right in doing one thing at a time, doing it very well, and then moving on….

©George Boelcke, CCP