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Mr. Clean Messes Up

September 2nd, 2014

I don’t actually know this person’s first name – it’s just the nickname I gave him. He works with a relative who started sharing Mr. Clean’s self-destruct actions within a month of being hired.

The second weekend of his contract Mr. Clean spent hours cleaning the work areas of all the permanent senior staff. He not only threw stuff out and rearranged everything, but also left them a note of how they ought to keep their work areas cleaner and neater. That was followed by a letter to his boss on how he has to deal with ‘messy pigs,’ and how his boss really ought to run the department better and more efficiently. Last week he put away all the tools and cleaned up…half way through the job…

His previous position was as a bar manager. But, as he shared with my relative, he was fired. To this day he still doesn’t understand why. Waitresses were totally disorganized and messy, and he had to spend all his time cleaning, organizing after them, and riding their a&* …

There are lots more stories as Mr. Clean continues to mess up and to self-destruct. Want to bet whether his contract will be renewed in a few months? I didn’t think so…
Your first Color is how you want the world to function. But you need to constantly remind yourself that others don’t share that view. Your strengths are those of your Color. But take them a bit too far in wanting to bring the world around to your way of life and you’ll be in real trouble on any team, as a leader, and in your relationship.

When you’re at Wendy’s you can’t order a Big Mac: What one specific thing in your first Colors are you trying to change in others? You may not see it, or even want to acknowledge it, but when you do, all your relationships will improve. Ask someone you trust: If they care enough to share (and know Colors), they’ll tell you. But care enough to ask and to want to know in the first place! (This is an extended section in the Advanced Colors seminar!)

The Gold Quiz

February 1st, 2012

OK, you can only read this if you have a sense of humor! But tell me if this could be a new Gold assessment to use, and count how many of these you agree with:

• You tell people what to do and they don’t and then they can’t understand why their lives are a mess and it bugs you.

• You are told you are bossy and you are proud of it. After all, SOMEBODY has to make things happen around here, don’t they? If people only listened to you they’d be better off.

• Messy nature bothers you. When you’re going for a walk in a forested area, you often think somebody should clean up the fallen trees and dead branches all over the place.

• You don’t like to lend books, pens, scissors, stapler, etc. to your coworkers, and if you do in a weak moment, you fight the urge to make them sign a personal guarantee.

• It’s hard for you to delegate. You prefer to do everything yourself, even though you’re exhausted, because you don’t trust other people. And even if you could trust them, they don’t do as good a job as you do anyhow, so it’s more efficient to do it yourself in the first place.

• You must finish everything you start. Even if it’s a book that you realize you hate.

• You buy a 6-pack of Coke instead of a big bottle, because you can use what you need out of the 6-pack and not have any go flat and have all that waste, which cancels any savings you may have had.

• You roll spare change.

• You enjoy watching “Clean Sweep” or “How Clean Is Your House” and are amazed, but horrified, at how people can get themselves into these predicaments.

• Your unofficial job description is CONTROLLER (and you like it).

• On a perforated form, it drives you crazy to have a tiny tag of paper left hanging.

• You are always the family member who plans the family vacations. You complain about all that work, however, you secretly enjoy the planning process. And besides, you wouldn’t cough up your hard earned dough for a vacation where you haven’t personally supervised all the details.

How many statements do you agree with?

Score of 9-12: Congratulations, YOU are a certified Gold member. Now could you dial it back a little?

Score of 6-8: You pick your spots to turn on your “goldness” – or maybe you’ve done the Colors seminar and are working hard to know there’s a time and a place for everything…

Score of 5 or less: Gold is only for investments. It’s likely you got a headache (or a chuckle) just reading these.

Help! Do you have some ideas of what would make an Orange list? If so, click the comment link and send it! Maybe we can build an Orange quiz….

Survivor Samoa: The Biggest Gold Won’t Last

September 18th, 2009

Yesterday was the start of Survivor Samoa (Thursdays on CBS), and this year’s cast has a great variety of Colors to watch, even if you’re not a Survivor fan.

The last few weeks I have been telling a bunch of seminar attendees to watch at least the first few weeks of the show, and to observe what happens to at least one Gold person. Just as predicted: meet Shannon, an ex Marine, and super high Gold.

Shannon really wanted to be elected leader of her tribe. But she was lucky not to be, or you could have bet she’d be the first one voted out of her tribe. So far, her impatience with others to get their work done before playing has only been towards the cameras, and not her team – but that’ll change. When everyone wanted to go for a swim, she went nuts: “I would have cracked the whip and laid down the law.” Yes, there’s a to-do list and work to be done, but Shannon was wrong thinking it’s because the others are in their 20’s. It’s because they’re not that high Gold, Shannon!

She probably doesn’t intend to come across as impatient or bossy. I’d bet, like all Golds, she really cares about her team, and wants them to do well. But there’s work to be done and then we can go play. Right now, it’s irresponsible to goof off on the first day here!

Building their shelter, high Green Rocket Scientist John, wanted to take a five minute break so he could “think about the water run off and wind before we build this (shelter).” Unfortunately, that sent Shannon off the edge again. Think about this? Take a break? Let’s get on with it and build the thing – NOW!

If you’re watching the show, keep an eye on Shannon. How does this Gold, wanting to contribute, do well, and win, reconcile this with the DNA of her Gold personalities’ stresses of delays, perceived irresponsibility, lack of focus, and little progress on her to-do list? Just don’t take her in your Survivor pool!

Worry Your Way to the Top

February 1st, 2009

That headline sure got my attention – as did the sub-heading of: How insecurity and paranoia can accelerate your career.

It was a short story in Men’s Health where the author shared a story of attending a two-day seminar on positive thinking. It sure didn’t work for him – and won’t for most high Golds. One of the great strengths of Golds is their ability to have a plan A and a plan B. It allows this group to be prepared should something go wrong, have a backup plan, and to think ahead to be ready – just in case.

Half the time, it’s a real blessing and huge strength, but there are also times when it can be a curse. Unfortunately, though it’s not something that can easily be turned on and off at will.

In the words of the author of the article: “I’m sick of people being positive to my face. It’s not helpful, or in step with reality. Fact is, most of the time there’s no objective reason to see the glass as half full. Sure, there’s a place for a can-do attitude and a hearty grin in face of adversity. But mostly, I agree with Andrew Grove, a former head of Intel, who’s famous for the jolly slogan “Only the paranoid survive.” This may or may not be true, but it’s certainly an effective position from which to fight the daily battle.”

Gold Stories

July 1st, 2007

Below are a few excerpts from e-mails I’ve received from high Golds. If that’s not your first Color, it’s a great quiz to see if you can understand what their stresses or frustrations are from these, and how serious some of these are for the largest group in the country!

  • I hate surprises. When my friends organized a surprise party for me I didn’t even show up!
  • The worst day of my life was when my fiancée proposed to me during our weekend run. My hair was a mess, I was in my running clothes and it wasn’t at all the way it was supposed to be for me.
  • The guy next to me has THE messiest work station. It’s a huge distraction for me just to look over there all the time!
  • My family told me they’d celebrate my birthday next Saturday. But my birthday is Thursday! That’s just wrong. Don’t they care enough about me to get the RIGHT day?
  • In my job I just won’t deal with people who are late for their appointment. It’s just a big red flag of unreliability right off the bat.
  • I’ll never volunteer for a project at work if I don’t have the time or freedom to do it properly. It’d just be setting me up as a loser.
  • Again we’re changing some procedures in our office. Doesn’t anyone care about doing it right the first time, or sticking with a decision. They have no idea how frustrating this is! I can’t ignore it because I’d be breaking the rules and I can’t get fully into it as I’m just wasting my time when it gets changed around again