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We Believe What We Want To

July 1st, 2009

Whatever our Colors, it appears that most of us do make many decisions based on feelings over facts.
A study by psychologist Dr. Drew Westen of Emory University found that any individual’s predisposition is, in fact, a perfect predictor of their final decision 84 percent of the time!

The vast majority of people, according to Dr. Westen’s study, make their decisions based on emotions much more than facts. Of course, politicians and advertisers have long known this (or think they know), but it now appears that this is much more on target than we may want to admit. His study also indicates that more often than not, we look to others who will agree with our predisposition, instead of honest feedback.

So it appears that no matter what amount of facts the average person is presented with, almost nothing will change their original position. It can also explain why perhaps we are often reluctant to change our positions on things, often until it becomes an absolute necessity. While Blues almost always make their decisions intuitively, perhaps the other Colors use the “Blue part” of their Colors much more than we may think. Of course, it probably isn’t necessary to point out, but Greens are likely exempt from this disposition.

©George Boelcke, CCP

Trusting Your Gut Instinct

April 6th, 2009

Trusting Your Gut Instinct

Scientists have now discovered an entire enteric nervous system in our gut. Kind of a second brain of more than 100 million nerve cells, which pretty much run on autopilot, and play a huge role in our immune system. And perhaps that is where some of our gut decisions come from.

Neurologist Candace Pert, PhD, calls them “molecules of emotion” which can connect the brain to the belly. In fact, it’s a whole new area of medicine called neurogastroenterology (there, google that, high Greens…) and there is even a book on the subject by Dr. Michael Gershon called: The Second Brain.

Maybe there really is such a thing as gut thinking? Some believe that our emotions function on both a physical and mental level, and that both areas matter a lot, and do influence some of our decision making. Perhaps sometimes your mind tells you to make a certain decision, but deep down you have that (physical?) feeling that something is not quite right. Perhaps it is that tightening in your gut where the body is attempting to tell you something. It might not be where some of our best thinking or instinct comes from – but just being aware of it can’t hurt.

©George Boelcke, CCP