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Believe What You Want To

June 1st, 2015

Whatever our Colors, it appears that most of us do make many decisions based on feelings over facts.

A study by psychologist Dr. Drew Westen of Emory University found that any individual’s predisposition is, in fact, a perfect predictor of their final decision 84 percent of the time!

The vast majority of people, according to Dr. Westen’s study, make their decisions based on emotions much more than facts. Of course, politicians and advertisers have long known this (or think they know), but it now appears that this is much more on target than we may want to admit. His study also indicates that more often than not, we look to others who will agree with our predisposition, instead of honest feedback.

So it appears that no matter what amount of facts the average person is presented with, almost nothing will change their original position. It can also explain why perhaps we are often reluctant to change our positions on things, often until it becomes an absolute necessity. While Blues almost always make their decisions intuitively, perhaps the other Colors use the “Blue part” of their Colors much more than we may think. Of course, it probably isn’t necessary to point out, but Greens are likely exempt from this disposition.

Are You Single and Dating On-line?

July 10th, 2014

Since I’m single (but don’t deal with any on-line dating sites) the recent story in Macleans was certainly interesting. All four of our Colors have on-line dating profiles but deal with these sites for very different reasons (right, Gold & Green introverts?)

There are actually more than 1,500 different sites and almost 40 million people in North America use them. They range from free to more than $60 a month and it’s a $1.5 billion industry. But are people looking for love in all the wrong places? It’s the second most popular way to find a mate, but through a method where over 80% of people misrepresent their age, height, or weight… and who knows what else?

Is on-line dating kind of like the failure rate of diet plans of more than 90 percent, or a great way to meet people? Who knows – but the author of a recent book suggests a problem: Since there are lots of people on these sites, most people won’t put in the effort to build a relationship. After all, they can just contact the next person the next day.

So called second-generation dating sites claim to use all kinds of personality tests to predict compatibility. But are they looking to match people with like-minded personality types, or focusing on the old saying (that makes two-thirds of relationships) that opposites attract?

If you’re single, how to do you get from here to married – or at least a longer-term relationship? Have you done one of the on-line personality tests? If you’re Blue and on one of these sites, how on earth can it work when your biggest asset is your intuition about someone? That only works face to face! Do Oranges make the time for endless scrolling through profiles and a bunch of back and forth messages? Can Greens tell credibility or someone’s intellect on these sites? Can Greens get any sense of credibility from someone on a dating site? And how can Golds get any clue about someone’s trustworthiness, reliability, or traditional values? Click the comment button and care enough to share. Your name and e-mail will never show up. But do include your first Color!

Understanding Blue Intuition

April 1st, 2013

When shopping for a home, did you know that 70% of women knew they had found the right one on their first visit? Sure, there are lots of agents who have to show someone house after house. But what real estate agents don’t know is that these quick decisions are made by most Oranges and vast numbers of women who are Blue.

The purchasing decision from Blues is based first on their intuition. It’ll tell them whether the home they’re viewing feels like the right one. No, that won’t make the sale – it’s intuition – not stupidity (something tons of people confuse or forget). Once their intuitive decision is made, THEN they ask the logic questions of price, bus routes, square footage, etc. But that happens after their intuition gives them the green light. Now they commonly look for ways to validate that initial decision.

Real Estate agents, and most other sales staff, also don’t understand that the buying decision with Blues has a lot to do with them. Blues first need to trust that the sales person cares more about them than the sale! Without that, they’ll look, but they won’t buy from that person. Blues don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care! Remember that buying also means buying-in with your Blue friend, coworker, boss, kid, or anyone else. It isn’t just restricted to sales!

Blues Don’t Hear So Good

May 1st, 2012

Everyone is familiar with the saying that actions speak louder than words. For Blues that is especially true since they live life through feelings and intuition. Sure, everyone loves a little thank you note or small gift. But words aren’t one-tenth as powerful as the feeling of being appreciated, cared about, included, appreciated, and so much more.

In relationships, you can never tell your Blue partner often enough that you love them or give them a hug. When should you tell your partner that you love them? Before someone else does! Many high Greens share that they’re just not made that way, and it’s just not something they do very frequently. The great news is that we can all grow and learn – quickly!

But whether it’s at work or at home, the feelings of being cared about and appreciated are much more important than the words. What makes it more powerful and meaningful for Blues is the soft touch on the shoulder, the hug, and the eye contact when someone talks to them. Feeling valued, appreciated, loved, or included are way more valuable, powerful, and believable than words alone.

Beyond that, whether it’s at work or at home, a recent study found that 75% of women and even 73% of men wish their partner would share more of their feelings. I would bet that applies at work the same way: Whether you’re a leader, or with others on your team, your relationships will grow significantly if you just let others see more of the ‘real’ you.

Green and Blue – What to Do?

February 1st, 2011

Hi George: I’m 25 Green, 20 Blue. As I read about Greens and know some VERY Green people, I find a lot of differences between me and them, and your descriptions. Does the Blue in me cause me to be a hugger, and give me the ability to share my life story in a heartbeat? DSL

Ahhh, the rare Green/Blue or Blue/Green combination. But it is easier for you, since your two highest Green and Blue scores aren’t anywhere near the 32 maximum scores. Everything in moderation makes things easier than extremes. What separates you from your “very” Green friends is your “moderate” Green score and your second Color Blue.

You have the great combination of logic and credibility, but also your strong intuition and sensitivity to feelings. That’s the great news. The bad news is that you sometimes (OK, often…) can’t decide if you want to kick someone in the butt or give them a hug. Or whether you should trust and follow your intuition that someone is really nice, or your Green logic which finds no credibility in the person.

Make your best efforts to teach yourself to make PEOPLE decisions in your heart and through your Blue intuition, and factual decisions through your Green logic. It isn’t easy, because there is no on-off switch to the combination of any of our first two Colors, but it’ll be a big help.

On TV: Survivor: The Best Color Clashes Yet

September 30th, 2009

A few weeks ago, the new season of Survivor started, and this year’s show has a great variety of Colors well worth watching. While all reality shows do personality assessments in looking for way more Blues and Oranges, Survivor Samoa has a great mix of people, based on the first episode.

Every show needs an agitator and someone to hate, and this year it’s high Orange business owner Russell. “Hey, I’m a multi-millionaire. I don’t need the money! I’m here to show how easy it is to win this game.” His self-proclaimed goal is to make life miserable for his team, as he empties all the water bottles the first night, and starts to burn the clothes of some of his teammates.

Within the first few hours he had also made four different and individual alliances with the women on his team. Russell suggested they’re “not that bright,” and it would be easy to manipulate them. He took it one step further when he told the entire camp a total lie about being stranded during hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, his dog dying, and having to be rescued off a rooftop after two days. “They’re so gullible…”

Note to Russell: It’s unraveling already, because a number of your teammates are high Blue and can spot a phony a mile away! High Blue Marisa actually told him the next day that she was really weary of him, and felt he couldn’t be trusted. But that assured he manipulated his tribe to assure she was voted off during the first show. Betsy, a police officer, wasn’t buying it either, sharing with one of the other women that “I would never trust him – woman’s intuition.”

Russell had a choice before the show started. His Orange could have chosen to be the fun and creative guy. He could have used his huge people skills to make genuine connections and easily make friends. He could have chosen to be a positive influence, and be the ultimate go-to guy in challenges with his drive to win. But Russell made a conscious choice to be the TV star and resident bad guy. It’ll get him way more TV time, while millions of viewers will love to hate him, but that’s fine with Russell. He just needs to get his mileage while he can, because he won’t be on the show as long as he thinks…stay tuned…

(High Gold Shannon’s first day on the show is on the blog already. And great news for Blues that a fellow Blue, Jordan Lloyd, won Big Brother last month! See – it pays to be nice and to fit in! Survivor’s Shannon, the super Gold story is on the blog already.)