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July 4th, 2011

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My income last year went up by $37,000 and it’s primarily due to the seminar, as I now KNOW what to say (and not to say) and do to better connect with my clients and prospects. Can’t wait to do it again next summer! C.M.


Your teachings have helped me immensely. Because I am a high Orange I am starting to be more direct in what I need to know with people. It is forcing me to be more clear and patient with the person that I am speaking to and my results are much better. Not only that, but I am much happier. L.M.


Hi George,
Thanks for sending your newsletter – it is awesome! All I can say after the session is WOW! And I still feel the same way almost two months later. It sure has changed the way I think about my appointments and about the people I love. I also realized that I had been trying to change my daughter who is definitely a Gold/Green like her dad, into a Blue like me! I have been mistaken to try and didn’t even realize what I was doing more damage than good. Thanks so much for changing our life. L.S.


I was so glad I got to meet you in person last month! My wife loves your book. She found it so powerful and knows it will help her raise and train her children according to their personalities. Thanks again, for the opportunity to meet you and for the mission you have taken on. God will truly bless you so that you may be a blessing to others…like us. K.A.


Yo Dude: Have no fear, our baseshop will pack the house! We have soooo many new people that have yet to see the greatest course ever offered on personality traits! You’re simply the best George! Bring it on & we will get em in! C.N.


We met at our company convention last Friday. Thank you for a great seminar! I really enjoyed it and learned lots that I’m starting to use already and it works!. H.D.


We have taken the Colors seminar twice with you and have read the book and are passing it on to our families. Our niece has read it cover to cover and now badly wants to do the seminar. K&E. D.


Had a great time at the seminar. Could not imagine how you would keep our attention for that length of time. It was hugely interesting and informative. L.B.


The talk in our company has been all about Color…so many people have commented on what a great presentation you did and how VERY applicable it is. Even some of the old-timers actually came out of their shells to comment and compliment (and they learned something new…which they admitted they hadn’t in awhile). So, all in all…we all win! Our president already started using it in his speech the next day! THAT was impressive. C.L.


…awesome presentation, would like to come again..


…very enlightening and amazing, the fastest four hours of my life. I found this to be invaluable!


…easy to understand and a great benefit starting today.


…will definitely help with understanding difficult people and to see myself better, too. It was a great pace, fun and very enjoyable – thanks!


…even better the 2nd time and more valuable. The presentation had a lot of ‘orange’ energy. Now I need to apply it to my relationships.


… I learned a lot! Largely about my green/orange personality in helping me to become whole. It was awesome, insightful and inspiring – Right on the money.


…George had great story telling and experience sharing to make it easily learned and understood. I can definitely see how this will help me deal with clients easier.


…I think it will be very beneficial in dealing with my new job


It will help me be less ‘orange’ around others and patient to figure out what profile of people I’m dealing with.


… starting today this will help me with my members, my sales and in my relationship, thanks!


… I found that I was able to begin applying the information the minute I stepped into the door of my home, and I’m not exaggerating (this time). I gained insight into why every word that comes out of my Orange mouth irritates my Green/Gold 8-year old daughter.

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