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July 4th, 2011

Colors in Relationships

Just the basic tools of Colors and the insights from the Colorful Personalities book and the Relationship booklets have a huge impact for any relationship.

One of the most frequent comments is always that someone sure wished their partner had been at the Colors seminar. After all, whether we’re learning about our team at work, kids or partner, once we understand the practicality and power of Colors, it has a measurable affect on all of our relationships.

Why is it so critical? Well, to start with, more than half of us are in a relationship with someone whose personality type is totally different than ours. Small wonder that our divorce rate is over 40 percent. But what if we had the tools to really understand and value our partner? How would your relationship grow if we just had some better communication tools and almost an “owners-manual” for figuring out our partner?

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