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July 4th, 2011

Colors as Christians

Loving Our Neighbor Starts with Understanding

In Matthew 22:39 God asks us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. On the surface that seems simple enough. Yet we know it is probably one of the more challenging things for us to do, or even to understand.

Let’s face it, we know and meet many strange people. Not strange like unlovable, but certainly very different from us. It is likely that the fewer things we seem to have in common, the more challenging it can be to genuinely connect with others. While it isn’t right, or ‘Christian’ behavior, we do tend to jump into our judgments of others as being too… or not very… and we can certainly insert lots of our own judgments and adjectives here.

Different, however, does not make others better or worse. It makes the majority of the world only that – different. It’s through our four unique Colors, or personality types, that we’re motivated to act, think, behave, make decisions, volunteer, worship, pray or a host of other behaviors and actions, in the ways of our personality type.

Just as the power of our faith comes through understanding and learning, the ability to love our neighbor as we love ourselves grows when we discover these different personality types. When we have a deeper understanding of people we can then look for the good in others to love and accept them for who they really are.

When you look for the good in others, You will discover the best in yourself.

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