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Stupid But True (and Sad)

February 28th, 2019

During the break of a seminar last month I started talking to a really nice Orange/Green guy that had just been hired by my client. When I asked where he last worked, he actually shared the story of where he last applied:

He had applied for a position with a management consulting firm. The company had him go through six different interviews with a wide range of people. By all accounts, everbody loved him, and wanted him to be hired. Then came the seventh and final interview with the CEO and a few senior managers, and that’s when this great candidate hit the wall. The CEO chose not to hire him because “you talk too fast.”

WHAT? Sure he does – as do most Oranges. That’s just their energy level and enthusiasm! I’m guessing that the CEO just didn’t understand an Orange – and (not really guessing) that that’s just not the culture of a (likely) Green and Gold management consulting firm. Their loss as this Orange/Green not only has the typical winning Orange attitude, but also the depth of experience and knowledge that Greens value.

My last comment to him was that it might be a blessing as I’d guess the firm isn’t doing that well. He looked kind of shocked in responding that, true, they’re not doing well…but how would I guess that?

Since vast numbers of Oranges are entrepreneurs, this company is missing a huge amount of business in not having and wanting anyone that actually ‘speaks the language’ of Oranges. Their loss – my client’s gain.

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