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Hate It Before Trying It?

February 28th, 2019

Before this same seminar, I was chatting with one of the senior managers. She gave me the heads up that one of her staff was complaining about “having” to attend the Colors session. She claimed she was ‘too busy…and have this to do…and still haven’t finished…yada yada yada…’ We both knew immediately that she’s Gold, but her manager had already made it clear that bailing wasn’t an option.

Most Golds (and a lot of Greens) judge that the Colors seminar can’t be worth their time. Yet most of them, when I know who they are and can watch them, start changing their attitude and even facial expression in the first hour to a noticeable degree – as was the case with this lady.

When I was back at their offices the next day, she almost ran to the front door to talk to me! Wow, that was so great…I made my husband read half the book last night right when I got home. And we have three kids and their Colors are…and then my husband and I talked about what we need to…

Most people don’t understand what I mean by that being a payday money can’t achieve! And breaking news for many Golds and Greens: Sometimes, some things, such as the Colors training may not seem like it’s an investment in your careers, but it is – and so much more. Sadly, it’s why I’ve only ever done four seminars for high school P.D. days versus tons of elementary schools. When around 70% of teachers and administrators are Golds they just can’t see how this could benefit them…and thus the permanent conflict of Gold teachers and vast numbers of Orange students continues…

Since this newsletter only goes to those of you who have attended, maybe it’s a bit of a reminder to stay out of your judgements until after you have the full picture and can decide if whatever any training, new technology, process change, or a host of other “unknown” things is worthwhile…

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