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The Gold Life With a Blue

January 29th, 2019

This is a cute post I saw from a Gold wife that’s worth sharing:


Made cupcakes last night. There’s only me, Blue husband and our son. So I packed up half of the batch to put in the freezer. As I’m standing with the freezer door open:

Husband: You know, if you left those on the counter, I’d probably pick at them until they’re gone…

Me: Closes freezer door and put them on the counter

Husband: ..although you and Sam would probably enjoy them more if you saved them for later…

Me: Reopens freezer

Husband: (he takes a bite of cupcake) Man! These are so good and would make a nice late night treat later!


Husband: Oh…I hadn’t really thought about it.

Me: Throws cupcakes in the freezer and walk away grumpily

Husband: What are you mad at me for?

Talk about a great and really frequent work and relationship example of Colors mis-communication! Golds want specific instructions, yes or no answers and closure on whatever the situation or decision. Blues aren’t very direct and just think out loud and throw out alternatives. Let’s talk it through – let’s think about our options – it doesn’t need to come off the to-decide list in the next 30 seconds…how can we accommodate everybody and make this (whatever this is) into a win-win for everybody.


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