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When A Relationship Ends

January 6th, 2019

Hi George: Could you send me some (short Orange) notes about rejection in relationships? J

OK, J. here you go. You just need to remember it should read “often, commonly, usually, etc.,” and under that kind of stress (if it was more than just a two-date relationship) we often go into our second Color to deal with it!

Golds often make lifetime decisions based on one incident like getting in trouble at work, using their discretion and then getting in trouble over it, or the end of a relationshp. It can be super hard for them to work up the nerve to “risk” putting themselves in that situation again.

Greens are also hit very hard (but you won’t see it on their face or demeanor). It can send them “underground” for an extended period of time to process, re-live, and analyze all the “why” and “what happened.”

Blues take everything to heart. It may be a legitimate reason for the rejection, but they can blow it out of proportion and generalize it to feel that “nobody cares about me” – the frequent times when their only friend is comfort food to stuff their feelings. Or they immediately jump into another relationship in order to have somebody – anybody…

Maybe Oranges handle it best: So be it, move on, their loss… As Oranges tend to live in the here and now, they’re capable of blocking it out by the end of the week, and just get back on the horse again… But does that quick “over and done” leave them any lessons for next time? Can it sometimes be “get them before they get me?”

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