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Two Green Parents – Two Blue Kids

November 11th, 2018

Hi George! Thanks for sending me the Parent & Child book. After your seminar I’ve had lots of interesting conversations with my family and coworkers. I’ve mulled over the book (as any Green would) and this is what I see in my children:

The oldest is an Orange 12 year old boy. The playing to win attitude is strong and drives his love for athletics. He needs constant activities, nd can focus when his body is active and being challenged. Orange is my lowest Color, and the seminar was eye-opening to what is going on in his mind. He needs some freedom from us, and to have accomplishments in small quick wins.

The second oldest is an 11 year old Blue girl. She is always thinking of others’ feelings and quick to take care of her younger siblings. She says she is too old for cuddles, but she needs quality time spent with her parents, and for us to listen to her with eye contact and welcoming (non Green) faces!

The third is a five year old Blue boy. He loves to be cuddled, and can often have hurt feelings when there’s a misunderstanding on the playground or when someone isn’t “nice.” He needs his physical touch and time spent reading and talking together without us being distracted doing other things.

The baby of the family isn’t quite two yet. It’s hard to tell what Color she is…but she’s adventurous and wants to climb everything..so maybe an Orange…   KP

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