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What Each Color Does On Halloween?

October 2nd, 2018

Green: Tells people what’s wrong with their costumes. Wonders why everybody runs away crying when they were just giving helpful feedback…

Gold: Even though they’re just a guest, spends their time making sure everyone is doing okay, restocking the snacks and cleaning up.

Green/Gold: Decides to stay sober in order to be productive tomorrow. Accidentally eats six weed brownies.

Blue/Gold: Shows up at party wearing a matching costume to their ex in a big romantic gesture to try to win them back.

Gold/Green: Stays home and turns off all the lights.

Orange: Just comes for the free drinks. Throws pumpkins off the roof and TPs the neighbors place.

Blue/Gold: Forgets to have any fun. Asks anyone wearing anything darker than a Disney princess costume if they’d be comfortable talking about what they’re going through…

Orange/Green: Shows up late in a space helmet, tutu and Hawaiian shirt with a chainsaw in one hand and tricycle in the other because they wanted to be 12 different things and couldn’t fully decide on any one of them.

Gold/Blue: Excited to finally put on their costume they’ve been dreaming about and planning since June. Does a bit of reading because they’re ready way too early and falls asleep at 7:30

Green/Orange: Too busy fixing the world all month to get a costume. Barters their way into borrowing yours. Once they’ve left you realize you got nothing out of that deal.    Adapted from MBTI post by Kathryn Stanley

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