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Roomates 101

October 2nd, 2018

The most challenging and interesting types of relationships are certainly those involving roommates – especially for people who don’t understand Colors. Sometimes, a roommate is by choice, with limited information or you decide to split expenses with a friend for the first time. Other times, this time of the year, you have no input when your school assigns you a roommate. In every case, it certainly takes some effort to understand the combination of your needs and habits as well as those of the roommate. Here are some tips and hints of what to expect in your new relationship.

Orange: Your Orange roommates are fun and generous people who easily become friends with everyone. Most are extraverts that love to entertain, and live life to the fullest. Social stuff first – studies or work after that. They will readily invite you along to dinners, parties and other fun, bonding activities. If you’re not wanting to tag along, or take too long to decide (maybe an hour?) – no problem – they’ll find someone else. Doing chores is certainly not their strong point, but your room will certainly be colorful, if not somewhat cluttered with their sports equipment or materials for their creative projects. The phone will also ring often, as they have a large circle of friends. With these roommates, there is seldom a dull moment and they are very able to stay upbeat and optimistic with a great sense of humour.

Gold: Your Gold roommates are very responsible and traditional, even in their first years on their own. You won’t get away with having a messy room, and your roommate will expect you to honor their quiet time put aside for studies or work. Gold roommates are extremely trustworthy and dependable. They find safety in their routines, as well as tried and tested ways of doing things or places to frequent. You’ll value their focus on ensuring that your place is safe, clean and comfortable. They will also be very driven by planning and scheduling things, their preferred way of going through life without too much spontaneity. So, no sudden change of plans or anyone just ‘dropping by’. If you are sharing classes or work, they will have extensive notes and materials well organized and easily accessible.

Blue: For your Blue roommate, proximity means an opportunity for friendship. They can be a little reserved at first, but after their strong sense of intuition and communication skills have decided to include you; they will readily make strong friendships and be very accomodating. A ‘business-like’ arrangement is likely to be quite uncomfortable for them, and tends to make them feel ‘untrusted’ or ‘unwelcome,’ although they’ll rarely say it. These roommates live life in their hearts and will talk in terms of feelings, dreams and possibilities. They have an easy and natural way of looking for the good in all things and all people. They are usually willing to be a shoulder to cry on when it is needed and are great listeners and friends.

Green: Don’t expect your Green roommate to become your best friend – unless you two share similar scholastic or intellectual passions. You’ll have a roommate with a calm & cool demeanor, quite reserved, an easy-going attitude, and tons of questions. Your Green roommate values establishing credibility – in processes just as much as employers, professors or roommates. If their roommate is intellectually stimulating, they will readily socialize with them. If not, they keep to themselves, which is just fine with them. They’re not big social creatures, and are quite happy by themselves, in the library, reading, doing puzzles, staying late at work, or almost anything else that is mentally stimulating. Don’t take it personally if you’re a Blue or an Orange.

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