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The Mind-Body Connection

September 4th, 2018

This was a story in Family Health, written by Dr. Robin Reesal, a professor of psychiatry. The story drew some great connections between what our mind experiences and how it manifests itself in our bodies. And yes, there is a proven connection.

First and foremost, it’s always critical to rule out any physical symptoms. But often there’s more to it – and the reason doctors often (should) ask what’s really going on in your life. In other words, what are some of the internal stressors that may be sending a distress signal to the body?

Of course, we often use denial to keep our emotions in check – but I believe strongly what the mind suppresses, the body expresses. And the more we ignore these signals, the early warning system of our body, the more likely it is that the body is left with no option but  to physically tell us (yell at us) that there’s trouble.

At least once a month I meet someone, usually a high Gold or Blue, who finds him or herself in exactly this position of starting to show physical symptoms of stress, hurt, anger, burnout or suppressed feelings of frustration. But it’s important to learn and practice a powerful saying coined by Thelma Box, who facilitates the Choices seminar I keep raving about: Feelings buried alive never die!

In the words of the article’s author, “We turn our emotional suffering into physical symptoms to avoid facing our troubles.” And that’s often after many people try sleeping pills or alcohol as an attempt to find a tool to relieve these stresses.

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