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At the End of the Day – Being Blue Does Pay

O Magazine recently had an extended section on authenticity. What an awesome feature from Oprah Winfrey, herself a huge Blue.

One of the features was on former US President Jimmy Carter. It started with the following sentence: “The qualities that were so maligned during Jimmy Carter’s presidency – his modesty, his faith, his collaborative approach to problem solving – now define his reputation as a remarkable man.”

What most of his critics interpreted as weakness during his presidency are actually his huge strengths, for that very same reason! (Remember that in the US, Blues are less than 12% of the population vs. almost 30% in Canada).

But then, that view is in the eye of the beholder, and it would have been very unusual for the media, opposition, or even most electorates to find the powerful values of a high Blue attractive in their President. No wonder Blues seldom get elected to the highest offices. The process is just too ugly and negative that most, no matter how passionate or talented, wouldn’t put themselves through that ordeal. They do volunteer, though. Blues and Golds make up 80% of all volunteers. But it’ll be in positions where they’ll be valued and feel they’re making a difference. A two-year mostly all negative national campaign isn’t the place.

These days, the real Jimmy Carter can do what he values and feels passionate about, and that’s very much focused to making a difference in the lives of others and helping people. He volunteers to monitor elections in third-world countries, the training of farmers and promotes many programs to foster peace and health.

He now has a platform from which people will listen and the time and resources for the work he and his wife Rosalynn do with Habitat for Humanity. Gentle, soft-spoken and kind wasn’t what the country was looking for in their leader back then (or even today?), but it’s the most powerful contribution he makes today in so many ways.

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