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What’s A Great Career For a Blue/Orange?

That was an e-mail from a client asking about her son. However, the question is way too general. Every person of every Color can be wildly successful in any careers. Colors has nothing to do with talents – they come in all four Colors!

The question is whether a person will be truly happy and content in their career, or always wonder (or wish) if they shouldn’t be doing something different. Vast number of people work for a very long time in a career of their third or fourth Color. At that point, they often just choose (or need to) measure success in a different way than their first Color might. (if that makes sense…)

What I do know, for a Blue/Orange to last, and to really do something that’s their passion, it has to involve people contact.  A Blue or an Orange might enjoy a career without that lifeline of people, teams, clients, and social interactions for a while, but the “double people Colors combination” of Blue/Orange or Orange/Blue almost makes a people-first career imperative over the long haul.

A good rule of thumb would be work that’s roughly a third of their day (or less) focused on paperwork, computer stuff, working alone, or being chained to a desk. But there are vast numbers of different careers which would be awesome for any Blue OR Orange, or that combination.

The question for this person, or anyone else, is what’s your real passion? What have you always dreamed of doing? If you could do anything, what would it be? For those, and to have a career in those areas, you don’t need my feedback – you just need to get moving and out of your comfort zone. After all, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” (Marc Anthony) That should be the goal for every person of any Color!

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