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Define Competitive

Hi George: My husband calls me “very competitive” yet, as a high Gold – I don’t see myself as competitive… picky yes, but not competitive.  He says, my vehicle has to be tip top, my house, my yard… Even my team at work has to be the top team, and I work hard to keep them there. He continues to say that “everything I do, I do to be the best. I know what needs to be done and how to get the best out of people.”  K

Hey, K! Thanks for the note. Good question…Just like Oranges defined the word fun, the definition of competitive is very different for our four Colors (ok…three Colors, excluding Blues). We think of the typical definition of competitive in sports. My high Gold will certainly never want to lose a golf game. In your work case, it’ll apply to making bonus, making forecast, etc.

For Golds and Greens, the definition of competing generally starts in areas such as process improvement, or making things more efficient. It’ll be more of a focus on doing things correctly the first time, avoiding time wasters, etc. Even in the golf example, Golds and Greens compete with themselves to constantly improve.

Your Gold definition of competitive include managing your team and making them successful…other than the general Gold view that your own 110% isn’t really enough…Then leading people who believe 100% is all there is. That’s the dark side of Golds. (See the Colors at Work booklet). And one more thing: That’s more true than you (and many Gold leaders realize) when you wrote (and believe?) “I work hard to keep them (team) there instead of “us” and “we”!!

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