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The Messy Life?

March 14th, 2018

Ah…neat, tidy and organized are definitely in the eye of the beholder. Organized means totally different things to different Colors, from neat piles and everything put away for Golds, or “it’s organized if I can find it” for Orange.

A recent USA Today story featured the review of a number of books, and started with the line: “we Americans love nothing more than improving ourselves without exerting too much energy.” It went on to describe a few of these books as “easy on the reader to make the lazy you a better and happier you in the coming year.”

One of the books the USA Today story reviewed is: A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefit, which claims that messy closets, a cluttered office or last-minute scrambling actually makes for a better and healthier life and a better world. Co-author David Freedman argues that “neatness is about suppression. It’s about having fewer things to stimulate you. Mess is better. It stimulates creativity.”

He actually claims that this is what people have been waiting to hear. OK, which people? His logic: The vast majority are messy and consider this book a validation of what they’ve always thought.

The other books? Sleep Away The Pounds, Relax Into Wealth: How to Get More by Doing Less and: How to Cheat at Cleaning: Time-Slashing Techniques To Cut Corners.

But the best quote has to be from sociologist Micki MdGee: “I’m completely unsurprised by this. The self-help industry has topped out and now people want to hear that improvement is effort-less.”

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