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Can Golds Make Orange Dreams Come True?

January 4th, 2018

Behind every Orange U.S. President was a high Gold chief of staff. None of the last three started with them, but, according to most experts, their administration did much better after they took over. The definition of “much better” is different for different Orange Presidents. For some it may have been removing some of the Orange chaos. That’s fun for them, but not in the White House. For others it was the impetus for getting their agenda moving, or greatly changing the dynamics with Congress. For President Regan it was Jim Baker, for President Clinton, it was Leon Panettta, and for President Trump it was most noticeable when John Kelly became his chief of staff last summer.

Those might not have been the people an Orange wanted running their campaign, but it’s definitely who they need (initially against their wishes to some degree) once they were in office.

That isn’t any different on your team, or in your department. How another Color does things, sees things, or makes things happen, is very different than a Gold would do it. But many times it isn’t the job of the Gold to slow things down, change directions, or get judgmental that it ought to be done “their way.” But, more times than I can count, after the fundraising idea is set, after the client is retained or saved, it’s Golds that step up (or need to, or should). At that point, it’s to make the promises come true, or to pro-actively manage the hundreds of critical details.  It’s the reason that many successful sales teams have more Oranges in the outside (client) sales and the Golds in the inside sales positions.

We can’t be good at everything – but every Color is really good, and incredibly valuable, at different stages of our work life and on our team.

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