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Think Your Son Or Daughter Doesn’t Like to Read? Probably Not…

November 6th, 2017

A common complaint and regret from parents is that their son or daughter doesn’t like to read. I’d bet that’s not the case for the vast majority. Often, the trouble is that their kid doesn’t like to read a book in the (Colors) language of their parent, or even teacher. If Colors is like speaking four different languages, test the theory and get them a book that fits their Color!

At a recent Leadership Colors seminar, the top Usborne Books people came up with THE best list for kids of all four Colors and ages. Reading has lifetime benefits for anyone. Test the theory and find one or two of these and your view may be very different.

To find them, contact an Usborne rep or online at: usborneonline.ca (for Canada) and usborne.com for the U.S.

Orange under 8 or so

Slot Together Castle                                      Dan the Taxi Man

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur                                      Paper Airplanes

Nibbles                                                         Wind-Up/Pull Back Books

Mix & Match Series


Orange Teenagers

Conspiracy 365 (Serial Novel)                         Phoenix Files (Serial Novel)

A Year in My Life                                                The Impossible Quest Series

Sticker Dolly Dressing Series (Girls)              Sticker Dressing Series (Boys)


Gold under 8 or so

Wipe Clean Series (Activities, times tables, etc.)

Sticker Dolly Dressing Series                          Step by Step Drawing Series

Five Minute Bedtime Stories                           My First Reference Book

How Things Work


Gold Teenagers

Make Buildings (drawing book)                        This is Not a Math Book
Encyclopedias & References                              Patterns to Color Series

Write your own Story Book                               A Year in My Life (journal)

The Debt (Serial Novel)


Green under 8 or so

Children’s Encyclopedia                                    Q & A About…..??

Shine the Light Series                                        Computers and Coding

Beginners Non-Fiction Series (Bugs, Firefighters, Dogs, Astronomy)

Logic Puzzles/Math Puzzles/Brain Games     Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers


Green Teenagers

Discovery Adventure Stories                           The Story of Science

Forensic Science                                                World Wars

Science Encyclopedia                                       True Adventure Stories Series

Illustrated Norse Myths


Blue under 8 or so

Cuddle Bear                                                Animally

Wind-up/Pull Back Books                      My First Kitten/ My First Puppy

Farmyard Tales                                         Press Out Paper Dolls

The Secret Mermaid Series


Blue Teenagers

I am Jack Series                                          Butterflies

Do Nice Be Kind Spread Happy              Be the Change Make it Happen

Sandy Lane Stables Series                       Nature Coloring Books


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