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What’s In It for Your Color?

October 2nd, 2017

For each of our Colors, sports, games, get-togethers or hobbies often have a very different motivator. It might be the same activity, but we often do it for very different reasons and with a very different agenda, or mindset from other Colors. Here are three examples, see if you can identify or connect with some of the reasons:


  • Everything in neat rows – no weeds!
  • Ah – the chance to get away from people and just stay out here in the garden
  • Wildflowers! Definitely. No maintenance and I hope it rains because I’ll never remember to water them regularly.
  • A chance to create something beautiful and alive – right here in my garden.

Playing Monopoly:

Who organizes and plans the night

Who brings the snacks and drinks

Who acts as banker

Who watches that nobody cheats

Who actually knows and reads the rules

Who wants it at their house so they can show off their party room & 4K TV?

Who wants to bring a friend

Who wants to win no matter what it takes

Who just wants the game around just to play in between sharing stories

Going to a shooting range:

Who wants to know what to wear

Wants a silencer so the neighbors won’t be disturbed

Who goes: silencer? The noise is half the fun!

Who goes ready – fire – aim

Who just needs one bullet

Who wants to take the targets home and keep them in a file

Who is looking around for a machine gun instead

Who can (or wants to) take the gun apart and inspect it

Who wants to know if the rental is per bullet

Who, before leaving, thinks we should pick up all the shell casings

Who doesn’t want to shoot at a people silhouettes or a Bambi target

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