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Do Men Only Like the Idea of Dating a Green Woman?

October 2nd, 2017

Generally, men like the idea of ‘dating up.’ That is, dating someone who’s more successful and intelligent than their (already really wonderful) self. But when the opportunity presents itself…they often back away. A study on speed dating found that men thought intelligence was quite appealing, unless they perceived the woman to be smarter than themselves.

Researchers from three universities recently took these experiments further and deeper. In the preliminary phase, 86% of men said they would feel comfortable dating someone smarter than themselves. Then they tested the claim.

The undergraduate students were given a hypothetical scenario about a woman who scored better on an intelligence test than they did. Then they asked how romantically desirable that woman seemed. In the second test, they were given an intelligence test and asked if they’d like to meet the woman down the hall who had either scored better or worse on the test. In both studies, the men were interested in meeting her and even dating.

In a further test, they were in the room with the woman and their test scores were read aloud. Then the men were asked to move their chairs across from the woman and to do a short survey on how attractive and desirable they found the woman to be. In the survey, and measuring the distance between their chairs, researchers found that reality is a little different. When the woman had scored higher on the intelligence test, the men’s survey showed they felt the woman was less attractive, and the distance between their chairs was much greater than those who were ‘matched’ with a woman who had scored lower on the test.

Along with three other tests, researchers found that men were less likely to date and interact with a smarter woman when she was face to face with them. Yet, if she was ‘psychologically distant’ (in the next room for the experiments) there wasn’t any difference in their desire to meet and date no matter what their intelligence score.

It’s not just Green women who are intelligent, but it certainly isn’t easy being a Green single female…

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