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All Time Favorite Gold Movies?

October 2nd, 2017

A Myers-Briggs site recently listed some of the all time favorite movies for Gold. But you have to decide if some of them are your favorites. Click the comment and vote. Golds – what’s missing – what should be off the list?

Lord of the Rings: An epic journey, relentless struggle between good and evil, and selflessness of the good-guy characters

Star Wars: Another struggle between good and evil, a clear hero and villains

Borne series: Twists and turns, lots of moral and ethics issues, doing what’s right (OK, I have seen all of these and agree…)

Pride and Prejudice: Golds enjoy movies that take them back to a different time, ballrooms, a more eloquent time, and romantic without going over the top

Star Trek: Maybe it’s just for Gold/Greens or Green/Golds…many Typologists think Spock is a Green/Gold…it’s a make you think movie that’s more about science than space

Oceans 11: What’s not to love about a movie with the perfect plan that’s perfectly constructed and executed?

Braveheart: The battle of good versus evil in the face of adversity

Dead Poets Society: The story of the individual fighting for success and inspiration while trying not to disappoint parents…and a great comedic actor

The Harry Potter series: An unforgettable fantasy that features the battle between good and evil in the wizarding and muggle worlds. Harry Potter and his friends consistently show selflessness, bravery, courage, and a strong sense of inner morality.

The Fugitive: Dr. Kimble’s unwillingness to give up or to give in to despair against insurmountable odds. Golds can cheer for a man with his quiet resolve and integrity.

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