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What Restaurant Chain Fits Your Color? Part III

August 28th, 2017

Blues: In-N-Out Burger (sadly for Canadians, it’s U.S. based only, but well worth finding)

People see you as being very communicative. But, to be honest, you’re also rather introverted, especially if you’re Blue/Gold or that rare Blue/Green. Because your personality is kind of a dichotomy in itself, this half-wrapped hamburger is kind of like you. It tastes great at first bite, but to fully enjoy the burger, you need to be patient. Once people can digest all you have to give, they’ll (likely) get to enjoy what you hide.

But Golds should come with you, too! One of the cleanest food establishments you’ll see – they even cruise the parking lot every half hour to clean up their neighborhood. The menu has around 10 items – that’s it. Like the life of Golds, it’s not a cluttered menu, nothing confusing, very streamlined, incredibly well-run process, organized ordering to let you just get the #1, 2, or 3. And watch a lot of the staff work and interact. I’d bet they hire a ton of Gold teens…

Greens: Chipotle

Life for you is all about being able to work with innovative possibilities and variables. In the Chipotle land of guac, everything is really about that: Being one step ahead of the curve, putting everything together, offering innovative solutions to everyone’s problems (food), and providing options and various combinations. The last customer may have invented a bowl of their own sofritas and sour cream, but you can absolutely invent something better by adding this or that…The freedom to experiment and create is endless.

Orange: Cheesecake Factory: Your ideas are so large, and you have so many that it’s hard to finish any one task. You’re smart, gregarious, and creative. But you pile on so many things that it’s hard to finish what you start. So why the Cheesecake Factory?  Because the portions are pretty large, and it’s likely you won’t get to half the plate there as well…    Adapted from Sophia Borghese, Ohio University MBTI story

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