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Colors Tools for Christians Book: Paying It Forward

August 28th, 2017

Good afternoon George: We met at a one of your workshops quite a few years ago, and I was about to enter seminary then, and you graciously gave me a copy of your Colors Tools for the Christian book.

On Friday I began a couples’ retreat that I was hosting through our congregation.  And in that retreat I used that book as a tool to teach the couples about the joys of learning about our unique colors and how that shapes our experiences of relationships and Church and God.  Some of it just affirmed what they already knew about each other (all the couples had been married at least 10 years).  But it got really powerful when I divided them up to go through the color-oriented Bible verses you provide in the book.  For then they were quickly able to see which ones fit naturally for them, and which ones didn’t fit so naturally.  Earlier in the retreat they had been very good at affirming each other’s uniqueness.  But here as they realized some of their own challenges and how that affected their relationships, there were some light bulbs coming on as they realized that they were inadvertently pushing people away, or making them feel bad, or whatever.  I tried to help each couple see the opportunity to grow – either in respect for the differences or in appreciation of the different strengths each had.  That seemed to be a touching moment for them as they realized the room they both had to grow.

Each individual seemed to come away from the retreat with a new-found respect and appreciation for where his/her spouse and kids, and other family members were coming from and where he/she could grow to be more sensitive to our differences.

So thank-you for your work and for the resources you’ve created.  They continue to touch the lives of lots of people! Warmly, Rev. D.D.

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