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What Restaurant Chain Fits Your Color? Part III

Oranges: Chili’s: This chain spends a ton of time and money on your television, spotify playlist, all over Facebook, Twitter, and other sites advertising their latest dishes and creative menu ideas. Similarly, you love promoting yourself and your successes. You go to networking events so that people can know about you, your ideas, and the energy you put into everything you do. You’re a perfect food destination match for each other.

Gold: The Keg: A well-known and established restaurant chain that’s efficiently run, and in business for 46 years.

No salad bar with overwhelming choices, that’s normally pretty messy from the last visitors, and forces you to get up and get your own food. A quiet atmosphere, quality food, well prepared, and you can even see the line cooks working.

Their menu tends to stay pretty consistent over the year – just like you: Why re-invent the wheel? It’ll give you the chance to mull over what you’ll order days before you actually go! That’s fun, consistent, efficient, and gives you two days of happy daydreams of what the night will be like. Get away from your hectic world of the never-ending to-do list for a couple of hours of tranquility and peace.

True, you don’t go there very often because of the prices, but it’s a great “investment” in a bi-annual get-away for a good quality steak and a couple of drinks. You’re worth it – it’s worth it. Sometimes you just have to step up and spend the money. If not, you’d just end up at Olive Garden and the never ending salad bar…    Adapted from Sophia Borghese, Ohio University MBTI story

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