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What Restaurant Chain Fits Your Color? Part II

Blues: Olive Garden: You’re focused on creating things that please other people’s hearts since you’re so in touch with your senses. You love the arts, or other creative fields. At Olive Garden, even the names of the menu items are very aesthetically pleasing, the plates are a work of art, and the meals taste like an artist created them. Who else would think of an idea quite as beautiful as the Piadina?

Greens: Starbucks

Life is not about being social or conformity. It’s about exploring ideas of the mind, and in order to do that, you must spend some time on your own. Starbucks (if you forget the crowd of fashionistas waiting in line for their double caramel whatever) is all about having a place to be on your own so you can write, solve the Sudoku puzzle, and get some work done. While the other people coming in can be draining, it’s offset by the coffee energy and the constant people watching while having time to think.    Adapted from Sophia Borghese, Ohio University MBTI story

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