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The Orange-Gold Relationship

Due to their large percentages of the population, Orange-Gold relationships are quite common. After all, opposites attract. In general, Golds have a lot of Orange envy, but can go from wanting to be more like them to judging them quite harshly. It’s kind of a love-hate relationship with themselves in their need to stay more responsible, organized, on-time, and reliable. On one hand, it can make them feel a little ‘square’ at times, while it can also make them feel a little better than everyone else.

The most common time for an Orange to start dating a Gold is likely when the Orange has come crashing out of a wild and crazy relationship with another Orange. That’s the time when they’re sick and tired of the game, and the games, and find the honorable, reliable, and straight-forward Gold person very attractive. When first dating, to Oranges it’s about flirtation. It’s about who’s winning or losing. It’s using their charm to get the other person to fall hard, with no guarantees of reciprocation. Who says, “I love you first,” matters a lot since the most commitment phobic of all Colors often feel a loss of power when they love.

With an Orange in their relationship, Golds wish they could just let loose without always feeling the burden of having to be the ‘good one,’ the planner, or the rule-enforcer without those feelings of guilt or Orange envy. Their partner loves to instigate and push Golds by taking them to the wild side. They love tempting Golds to let loose and give up some of their control. It’s a great feeling (and a win) when an Orange can take someone off the straight and narrow and set them free from all those rules and inhibitions.

When the Gold partner goes along, and wakes up the next day without feeling guilty, or retreating back into their comfort zone, they can awaken to a new reality. Wow, they had fun, let loose, and it didn’t wreck their lives. None of the fun or crazy impromptu adventures did them in. Letting go was relaxing and enjoyable and didn’t do them in. AND it was fun! Who knew? And every couple should really do the work section of “what each Color needs from each other” in the Colors of Relationship book!


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