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Selling From the Heart?

Last month I received a call from someone who wants to work with me to add Colors to his company’s sales training. He’s Orange/Blue, and knows how huge the tools of Colors are in dealing with clients, getting the business, retaining the account, etc.

He markets his sales training as: Selling from the heart. I didn’t know if I had the heart to tell him that isn’t a good phrase.

With a soft voice on the phone, a couple of gentle “if you have time, could I call you” type phrases in his emails, that was pretty obvious in the first email, and then the first minute on the phone. But my Gold finally had to say something. If nothing else, Golds and Greens know that caring about someone is telling them the truth, and not what they want to hear in order to protect their feelings…

I asked him if he was purposely starting each day missing out on getting business from 70% of potential clients? When you use the word “heart” as an opening line in explaining your business, you have to remember that half the world is Gold or Green. That starter is a non-starter with them, more times than not. Oranges are also not going to be that enthused about emotional-type selling. Sure, there are vast numbers of Orange/Blue, but, unlike this gentleman, they aren’t likely to show it or act it in their sales business.

He does have a great “in” with 30% of the Blue population in Canada (13% in the U.S.) and he’s on the right track in how and what he teaches. But the opening line shouldn’t limit his business – at least in my Colors opinion. My instant feedback was to change it to: Relationship selling. It wouldn’t be false advertising, the focus would still be on the people-part, but it would seem to be less “scary” to every other Color. Greens look for credibility. That will easily turn into a relationship if someone brings it. Gold value relationships with all kinds of businesses and people: Just tuck your shirt in, be on time, have your crap together, and stay organized. And Oranges are the relationship kings and queens in a permanent networking world with 300+ friends on Facebook!

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