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What Restaurant Chain Fits Your Color?

April 4th, 2017

Oranges: Hard Rock Café: You see life as the chance to entertain and to be entertained. This restaurant has great eats, but it’s not all about the food. It’s more about the culture, the music, and history than anything else. The restaurant is out there, and wants to be noticed and remembered – just like you. That’s the reason for the collectible tees from cities and exotic locations around the world. You might as well show people that you’ve been around the world. One day, people will look at your on-stage charisma the way they look at Hard Rock’s nachos.

Golds: Peter’s:  If you don’t live in Alberta, you just wouldn’t understand and are missing out on the best burgers in Canada. Golds live by traditions and are creatures of habit. That means one favorite restaurant – two tops. But Peter’s is a drive-through, and it’ll usually be on their casual food to-stop-at list as well. The chance to mix three different milkshake flavors for 4,500 possible combinations lets Golds build their (limited) creativity – and it’s something they’ll plan well before getting there!

Their parents took them to Peter’s as kids, and school buses for field and ski trips detoured to make a stop there. How can it now come off their favorite list as an adult? Oh sure, the lineups are a huge Gold annoyance, but sometimes you have to endure them to stay loyal and with the known comfort food. It’s worth adding the extra five minutes delay to their to-do list.    More chains and Colors fit in the coming editions…Adapted from Sophia Borghese, Ohio University MBTI story


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