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Would You Rather Have $56 or $46,000?

February 2nd, 2017

On the surface that seems like a no-brainer question, right? You’ll take the $46,000. Well, you’d be amazed how many businesses would rather have the $56:

A few years ago, a California client needed a copy of my Colors book in a hurry. Her Orange son’s teacher was starting to talk ADD, and she needed her to understand Orange kids, instead of “medical condition.”  I contacted my distributor before 6:00 AM to get the book sent rush, and would pay the courier charge.

When their statement arrived, there was an additional $56 charge for their “internal rush” process. What? That wasn’t disclosed anywhere. While the account rep was really sympathetic, the response was “there’s nothing I can do.” Two e-mails to the sales manager with no response, and a letter to the general manager was also ignored. Nice!

For Golds, being” ripped off” is a big issue for a Color which is so loyal, and it’s something they won’t forgive or forget in business dealings. Not to mention that Golds are the largest group of clients for every business (36% of the population).

Of course, no Color likes to be taken advantage of. However, most Golds and Greens will also never do business with that company again. Since then, I have spent over $46,000 in book printing…with a different company. While Golds really don’t like change, the perception or reality of feeling ripped-off is a sure-fire way to get them to move.

Unfortunately, losing a ton of business is way more common than any business realizes. But then, no matter what your first Color, you can attest to that:

With Blues – not taking the five minutes to get to know them before jumping into business.

With Greens – bluffing, lying, or incorrect and inconsistent information.

With Oranges – not having a fast-forward way to accommodate them without a lot of hurdles or excessive paperwork.

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