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How Each Color Can Show Affection

February 2nd, 2017

In broad terms, Blues show their affection by attempting to fully understanding someone on a deeper level. They’re great listeners and observe people in an effort to find what makes them happy. They value showing affection though small gifts, cooking, or other small ways. Blues will always give their undivided attention and create an open line of communication, free of judgment. They also value sharing part of themselves with people they care about that not everyone gets to see. In the eyes of Blues, sharing themselves with someone equates to showing how much they care.

Blue/Golds tend to also show their affection by tending to someone’s needs. They’ll try to make sure that the other person is happy and that their stress is minimized. That might be through cooking or cleaning for them, or other ways that take on someone’s worries and make them their own. Putting the needs of someone else ahead of their own, is a frequent way to show that they truly care.

Blue/Greens want to assure the other person feels listened to and understood. They value quality time without distractions. Often they may not openly verbalize it, but show it in creating a space for someone in their life. While they don’t generally allow many people into their inner circle, when they do, it’s a significant way of showing they care. This rare Color combination can frequently also be better at expressing their own feelings in writing, instead of verbally.

Blue/Oranges often express their affection in playful and physical ways. They tend to be more open in showing the affection to most people which can make it challenging to know when they care deeply about someone. They can try very hard to give someone their full attention, which can be a challenge for their typical multi-tasking behaviors. They tend to miss people a great deal when they’re not around, and expressing that fact is a significant way of showing they truly care. You’ll also notice that they can become very excited when they are talking about those they do care about.

Greens show affection by focusing on understanding their loved ones fully. They often attempt to find the ways to accomplish your goals. Helping you to grow and better yourself is a powerful way for Greens to show their affection. If they don’t care, they wouldn’t waste their time and energy in helping someone. Greens can invest a lot in helping someone become a stronger person and find logical ways to help them.

Green/Golds will attempt to discover how to help the people they care about. They will look for logical solutions and efficient ways to solve them. They can take care of the practical needs of others and make sure the people they care about have an organized like and a game plan. When the really care, they’ll become someone’s best advocate and defend them no matter what. While they may push the person to achieve their best, they will also hold them accountable, and stand up against others wanting to hurt the people they care about.

Green/Oranges can show they care in a gentle teasing way. Their playful teasing is a big sign that they care. They’ll assure that it doesn’t go too far, because the person does matter to them. While they aren’t likely to be openly affectionate, they do express how they feel to the people who are close to them. As long as it doesn’t become public knowledge, they can verbalize their feelings in private. Others will get the benefit of their practical and logical problem solving approach with a sense of humor and urgency. They’ll also give the people they care fo a lot of space to be themselves and accept them for who they really are.

Golds tend to show their affection by assuring others are organized and have a plan. They’ll help get their lives on a solid track and help with specific steps to solve their problems. Their primary way of showing how much they care is to assure the practical needs of their loved ones are taken care of. They aren’t very emotionally expressive people, but will spend a lot of time and energy knowing what their loves ones like and value. They are incredibly loyal and protect the people they care about at all cost.

Golds tend to be very private people. When they make time for someone, or share personal information by ‘letting someone in,’ they express (non-verbally) two of the most significant ways of showing their affection.

Gold/Oranges often show affection by assuring that the practical needs of those they care about are met. While they can be a little impatient, they value providing a safe environment and will be willing to show more affection, often in physical ways. While they’re also not very verbally emotional, they are not adverse to hugs and other warm behaviors. Because they tend to be more outgoing, they will always include the people they care about in their social circle as a strong expression of their affection.

Gold/Blues frequently use physical touch as a sign of affection. They also value gift giving as a way to express their affection. They’ll spend the time to discover what others like and value and take the time and money to find them as gifts. Their alone time with someone is reserved for the most special people, as is allowing them into their private world.

Oranges can often use gifts as a way of showing how much they care. Something real and tangible shows the other person their affection. They enjoy having fun and are eternally positive, which can certainly become contagious. That means they’ll consistently get those they care about to look at the positives and will spend their time and energy motivating and encouraging those they care about. When they care about someone, they will also be their best cheerleader, and on-the-spot problem solver. For Oranges, it’s go big or go home, and they’ll often go over the top to express their affection.

Orange/Greens also show their affection in playful and direct ways. But they also want the person to do better and to be better. While they may have tons of friends, only people they really care about will get to be with them during their (infrequent) time to recharge. Sure, they have a ton of friends, but maybe two or three people know the real Orange person. Helping those they care about comes in practical hands-on, right now ways with a sense of urgency and great humor. But it also comes in a second way through logical problem solving and finding the lasting solutions that will help those who they care about live richer and more fulfilled life.  Adapted from MBTI post by Personality Growth


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