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Colors & Christmas Prep Insights

November 14th, 2016

Candy cane lane is a ten block stretch of about 200 homes in West Edmonton, Alberta. Last year, all but 9 homes had their yards decorated for Christmas, most of them with pretty elaborate decorations. It’s a major attraction that draws tens of thousands of visitors each Christmas season.

Last year, Global Television did a story on Bobbie and Rob as they were getting ready to decorate. She wanted something realistic that could be accomplished by the deadline. Rob wanted something impossible that “puts me on the edge of divorce.” Our plan? Who knows what the plan is…”

Their kitchen table meeting to decided on a plan had Bobbie sitting there with a piece of paper and a pen, stressing that it was going to be a “zero budget”…while Rob was moving around the kitchen multi-tasking on other things.

Fast forward to the opening day of Candy cane lane: “Deadlines bring out the best in me,” shared Rob as he was finishing his giant snowman in the garage. This, at the exact time the Mayor was doing the opening ceremony and people started strolling down the street. “It’s not done yet! I need another hour…” while holding up two fingers to his wife. Then came the issue of the power load factor for his entire lit up display (think Christmas Vacation movie)…no worries…as Rob takes his 50th or so extension cord and uses his neighbors outside plugs…

While it’s doubtful that your Christmas preparations will be viewed by tens of thousands of people, there are some things you need to remember:

Don’t: Hassle an Orange that they’re not done present shopping way in advance. They work better under pressure, and your pushing them will stress you out (not the Orange) while accomplishing nothing.

Do: Know it’s OK to get a Green a gift card or cash. They want the perfect gift, and you don’t know what that could be. When in doubt, make it for Amazon, a bookstore, or large electronic retailer.

Don’t: Get a gift card or cash for Golds. They’ll likely be insulted that you had all year and still couldn’t come up with one personal gift. If you’re really stuck, head to Staples or the Container Store in the U.S. Remember that you’re buying for a Gold, and not your Color! And Gold women typically don’t want a kitchen gift. A gift for the whole family is not a gift for them!

Do: Start thinking about a gift for Blues that will touch their heart. Something sentimental would be a great place to start looking…but it’s the spirit of the season, too. One of the best gifts is often the gift of your time, your full attention, holding hands when out for a walk, or cuddling on the sofa. Quality time with them is a gift that will pay big dividends all year long.

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