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What Each Colors is Like As a Friend?

October 3rd, 2016

Gold: The super-organized friend who always shows up fifteen minutes early for your hangouts and whom you’d pretty much trust with your life.

Gold/Blue: The undyingly loyal friend who reminds you of your grandmother but in a good way. As in, they regularly bake you cookies and are always down for a relaxing night in.

Gold/Green: The friend you have to plan a week ahead to see (in order to give them time to mentally prepare for the hangout) but then always end up spending ten plus hours with.

Green: The successful and slightly bossy friend who is constantly challenging you to reach your full potential – because they see it in you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.

Or the friend who NEVER initiates hanging out but is paradoxically almost always down to chill – as long as you’re down to talk science or conspiracy theories with them.

Green/Orange: That friend who gives you incessant lectures about how you need to get your life together (and exactly how to do so) but you know it’s because they care… or at least you’re pretty sure they do.

Orange: The chaotic friend who regularly pops into your life, asks you to join them on a crazy new project or adventure and then completely disappears for 6-12 months at a time.

Orange/Green: The excitable yet surprisingly insightful friend who subtly gives you a pep talk every time you hang out and leaves you feeling like you could be the next Prime Minister or President.

Orange/Blue: The friend who is down for pretty much anything, pretty much anytime, and is more fun than basically everyone else you know combined.

Blue/Gold: The friend who lets you live at their house for two weeks after you break up with your significant other so they can make sure you’re eating, sleeping, and going to work like a functioning human being.

Blue/Green: The deep, introspective friend who will listen to you talk for fifteen straight hours without interruption. Of course, when they do offer advice it’s incredibly on point and you have the eerie feeling that they’ve somehow channeled your deepest feelings and thoughts.

Blue/Orange: The wise mother hen who’s there come no matter what, but isn’t afraid to give you tough love if ever and whenever you need it.

Adapted from MBTI post by Heidi Priebe

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