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Different Colors – Different Planning

October 3rd, 2016

Help, George: I keep seeing business systems that use planners, and my upline tells me I HAVE to use a planner, or lose a lot of income. It feels completely alien to me. I get a shape to my day, a rhythm, and having a schedule stresses me out to no end. I know I need some kind of organization to keep track of everything, but what kind of thing would work best for my Colors? My Gold upline says do NOT use the calendar or reminders on my phone, because that’s reactive instead of proactive. T

Hey, T: Our four Colors have very different definitions of family, fun, honesty and…organized! That word is defined by Golds: BIG day planners, neat piles, clean desk, baskets in the junk drawer, and four boxes in the garage or closet, all labeled, all straight, and all the same color and size – period. If you don’t fit this “world” definition of organized – you’re not organized – period.

But organized is in the eye of the beholder…or Color. News flash: Oranges don’t fit any of that Gold definition, yet they manage to get work done, find stuff, do follow-ups, not forget to pick up their kids, and make it through life. Who knew that it isn’t all about the “Gold” way of getting things done?

Your Blue wants to please the Golds that think they know the way, your Green thinks what you’re doing is just fine and probably the best way/or the best way for you…while your Orange wonders if there’s a shortcut way to being organized that won’t slow you down and still (kind of) keeps you on track.

If you get the $100 organizer with all the super cool sections, etc., or even take some seminar on how to be organized and efficient – you will never use it. It’s a Gold thing, and you’re not Gold.

There isn’t an answer that Golds can give you which will work for you. Yes, they’re telling you what you have to do because they care, and want you to do it their way. But their way won’t work for most of the 65% of people who aren’t Gold. If it did, you’d already be doing it!

If you system is phone reminders and calendar, some notes here and there, or whatever – you’re doing it just right – for you – for your Colors. If you talk to another non-Gold, ask them what works for them. Maybe they’ll have one or two additional things that you may want to adapt. But until then…carry on, and don’t let another Color’s definition of anything force you to be something you’re not.

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