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Golds Making a Presentation

August 27th, 2016

Golds will spend countless hours of preparation, and a lot of anxiety and stress before giving a presentation. They will be thinking of many “what if’s” and doing a lot of worrying. It’s just what Golds go through in advance and behind the scenes. Yet, when the presentation happens, it can quickly go off the rails when it is made to other Colors (as it always will be). Luckily, Golds are the largest group, but it won’t just be other Golds sitting in – and that can be a challenge without understanding Colors.

Golds are very respectful of their bosses and the chain of command, and will always defer to someone in authority. They value tried and true methods and follow established rules and processes. While those are great traits, this mindset can lead to a presentation going terribly off track for Golds.

A Green boss will readily jump in and question an assumption, or part of the presentation. Naturally, a Gold rule follower will politely thank them for the question, and promise to supply the backup information and reasoning before the end of the day. Now, a little rattled, he or she will continue on. But it’s not likely that this will be the only time Greens may question something, and makes it possible that Golds will never even get through their entire presentation. In their minds, this has now turned to the meeting from hell and they’re likely quite rattled.

What just happened? Simple: The Gold strengths simply don’t apply, with a Green boss. Greens look for credibility and are loyal to improvements and to do better. They will question the process and methods, and are generally skeptical in the first place. If the Gold presenter had simply taken a quick time-out to address the question right then and there, things would have gotten back on track. “Yes, we considered this or that, here’s our logic, and why we chose to do this or that…”

Respecting authority, wanting to stay on track with the presentation, and wanting to get back to someone later is great for other Golds. It does not, however, work with Greens. A “later” approach likely has a Green boss questioning Golds’ credibility and confidence in what he or she is presenting. And “avoiding” the credibility question can often lead to Greens tuning out for the rest of the presentation.

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