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Dating a Green Can Change Your World


Greens might only be around 14% of the population, but what they lack in numbers, they have in other strengths. Don’t forget, this isn’t just about dating a Green. If you work with them, or for them, most of these insights apply as well! If you’re single, it might be cool to date someone who wants to change the world – or parts of it. That means you (your Color) will change in some ways, too. For many, it’s a great idea – for others, it’s too challenging.

An Orange in a relationship with a Green is challenged to do something big. Not just to talk about it, but to do it. Greens see them as really competent and respect their direct approach and drive. But they’ll help an Orange to not get sidetracked, and to set specific goals. They’ll push for more than the “today” payoff or win. They’ll make an Orange pay the price for success, and call them on their inconsistent or non-logical ideas. They’ll definitely want a fully-thought out plan and idea before jumping into action.

A Gold will have all of their rules, plans, and structured life questioned. A Green sees them as too compliant, often blindly following the rules. They’ll force a Gold to question things and make independent decisions…not just follow societal rules. “I’ve always done it that way” won’t fly with a Green. Just working a to-do list and being busy without a goal or purpose may come to an end when dating a Green. There’ll be lots of changes, a few U-turns, logical shortcuts, and plenty of ambiguity. Say good bye to the simplicity of right and wrong or black and white.

A Blue will need to learn to explain their intuition and will be challenged (and helped) to put their dreams into action. Just dreaming doesn’t count for much unless there’s a plan to make it happen. A Blue will certainly learn to not give in to the needs of others, to maybe even say no the odd time, and develop a tougher skin. They’ll be pushed to pursue their potential and will get help with the frequent wondering if they’ve done enough. A Green will get them to do more, to do it more efficiently, or teach them to let their best be perfect enough and be good with that!

Two Greens in a relationship with each other is quite uncommon. In dating, Greens typically look for the intellectual connection first. But it’s hard to find large numbers of Green females. They’ll both push each other, but can have blind spots as to their own shortcomings. It’s likely that their independence will have them both in their own careers. That means tons of debriefings each night (if it’s not an all-night Green night where neither talks) and learning from each other. The bonus is that both will have a partner with whom they can logically discuss their feelings. Yes, Greens do talk about their feelings, but typically with someone who won’t get emotional over emotions.

PS: The Colors of Relationship book has every combination of Colors and a work section of “what each Color needs help with.”

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