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Colors As Kids…Who Were You?

Orange: The troublemaker child who was constantly pushing the teacher’s boundaries to keep testing which rules could be bent…or the daredevil child who got themselves banned from most playground equipment by second grade…or the class clown who considered no stunt too dangerous if it earned them the temporary spotlight

Orange/Blue: The wildly imaginative child who had 15,000 answers to the question: What do you want to be when you grow up

Orange/Green: The child who ruled the playground through a mixture of intimidation and sophisticated political tactics

Orange/Gold: The schoolyard bully who genuinely thought he was doing everyone a favor by telling them what was wrong with them

Green: The reserved and quit child who occasionally blurted something out that was so intelligent that their parents and teachers were genuinely intimidated…or the spacey child who accidentally walked into things because they were busy wondering if Martians were capable of understanding human languages

Gold: The obedient child who took their chores and allowance more serious than many adults in their full-time jobs

Gold/Green: The child whose LEGO skills and attention to detail were only matched by full-time architects

Blue: Often the ‘old soul’ child who could act more like an adult than their parents…or the people-pleasing child who consistently put on a happy face at school, then came home and cried her eyes out over something someone said seven hours earlier

Blue/Gold: The sweet mannered child whom other parents secretly wished were their child… or the easy going child who avoided conflict and would go along with what made everyone else happy

Blue/Orange: The child who everyone described as their best friend


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