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Relationships Aren’t Always “Opposites Attract…”

April 3rd, 2016

Hey George: I took your Colors workshop and I’m a strong Orange – like flaming Orange – like so Orange! I am seeing someone who is also a strong Orange.  What are the chances of two strong Oranges being compatible?  A.S.

Hey A.S.  What are the odds? What are the odds both of you want to be happy more than right? What are the odds you’ll invest the time in each other? What are the odds you WANT to work through the hard parts, the trials, misunderstandings, etc., in order to come out the other side with a stronger relationship, versus just quitting on each other (on the relationship) and moving on? What are the odds you’ll slow down on the “win at all cost” in arguments, etc. with each other? What are the odds you both want to communicate in meaningful ways without any of the “whatever” comments. and moving on to something (or someone) else?

You tell me those odds, and I’ll bet on you two being an awesome couple! Remember that all combinations of Colors in relationships, just as much as on your team, work. All of them have some stressors and natural commonalities. The question isn’t whether it “works,” but whether you WANT to make it work, because love really is colorblind.


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