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Quality Time Depends on the Color

April 3rd, 2016

Last week, I took a “non-Colors knowing” Blue buddy for coffee. As we were working our way through a long lineup, I noticed two Greens having coffee and muffins together. Both had a book out and were reading. When my buddy asked what I was looking at, I pointed the couple out to him. But his reaction was quite different than mine. He felt that it was weird and sad that they’d spend their morning coffee together, yet totally alone, and absorbed in their books! True, from his Blue perspective, that’s not how you spend quality time with someone.

In an episode of Big Bang Theory, Penny suggested Amy give Sheldon the silent treatment to show how mad she. But, as Amy pointed out: ‘That won’t work: I did that once for seven hours. Sheldon said it was the most magical night he’d spent with me.’

But I saw the couple through a totally different set of glasses. I saw a very content and happy look on their faces and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves. They were spending time together AND learning something at the same time, without a lot of small talk. In fact, as we were leaving, I noticed the man was showing her something in his book…the joy of learning and sharing (teaching).

Is that the way my Blue buddy wanted to spend the coffee time with me? Of course not! It’d be our first and last coffee together. But for two high Greens, THAT was some really good quality time.

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