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Lessons From Your First Dead-End Job

April 3rd, 2016

Maclean’s magazine recently ran a story on what we can learn from our first jobs. Even without knowing the values and stresses of our Colors, for many of us, it was the first chance to stretch our comfort zone, or discover what we definitely did not want to do for a living. Hopefully, after our first job, we ended up doing what we love to do, and something that suits our primary Color:

A likely high Green psychologist learned humility as a cabana boy growing up, and shares that it taught him how to smile all day (in between reading Dostoevsky on his breaks.)

One high blue investment manager discovered his love of working with people from his first job as a grocery store clerk. “That’s what really made me get up in the morning.” Until that point, he was sure he’d be pursuing an academic career.

Another story comes from a former Magna International V.P., who learned his lessons of multi-tasking, and working under stress, from the restaurant business. He believes those talents, first gained as wait staff, very much translates to the corporate world, and helps him looks for people with that experience. He shares in the article that this is not something learned in an MBA program, but really is a lifetime lesson.

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