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Hunger Games and Colors?

February 18th, 2016

In honor of the end of the Hunger Games series, I wonder what would happen if we put all the Colors into the hunger games together?

Since most fiction is written by Blues with the message that the person with the kindest heart wins, you’d think they would be the champions of Hunger Games. In the real Hunger Games, however, Blues are the first to get shot off their podium because they’re daydreaming during the countdown and don’t notice the games had actually started.

The Green/Orange climbs up a tree and reverse-engineers the entire Hunger Games. He picks apart the system, analyzes each of its parts, figures out how to dismantle the entire force field. Then gets high on some game arena ganja and forgets to follow through with his plan. That night he falls out of the tree he is sleeping in and lands on his own weapon, dying quickly and relatively painlessly.

The Blue/Oranges are the capitol’s sweethearts. Charming enough to receive bids and athletic enough to run away from potential predators they survive for a few days in the wild. On day three they get hopelessly bored in their solitude and decide to eat some wild mushrooms that they hope will have psychedelic side effects. They do. They wander into the lake, thinking it was made of ice cream, and subsequently drown.

Blue/Golds had formed an alliance with half the participants prior the start. Participants listened to inspirational speeches about the power of sharing their feelings and motivating each other to stick to their plan. One morning when the camp wakes up to find their leader missing, they dismantle their group, leaving only the beautiful memories of their Blue/Gold leader.

Oranges survive for a while at the hands of the Green/Orange they have formed an alliance with. After three weeks in the forest yelling excitedly about all the awesome kick-butt super-cool special effects of the arena, the Green/Orange finally needs some quit and shoots the Orange just to get them to shut up.

Some Gold/Blues form an alliance with Gold/Oranges who they trust to protect them. They hold up their end of the bargain by cooking meals and diligently maintaining the campsite. The Gold/Oranges keep up their part of the bargain by offing the Gold/Blues in their sleep.

Green/Golds escape quickly from the limelight and stew in an underground lair for several weeks. They develop a complex plot to take down each of their opponents, then get offed when a flash flood hits their lair. It is later revealed that the game makers created the flood intentionally because the Green/Golds reclusiveness made for bad TV. Adopted from MBTI post by Heidi Priebe


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