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Are Time Lies OK?

February 18th, 2016

In one of the Game of Throne recap shows, two hosts admitted they had lied to their co-host Peter Sagal about the time of their recording session. They told Sagal it was starting at 8:30 when the real time was scheduled for 8:45. He wasn’t happy about the lie, but did admit they had a point, and a reason for doing it. He was sorry about his chronic lateness but just didn’t want to be caught…or called out.

Do you (or another Gold) do that to “help” the clock-challenged people in your life? How much earlier do you tell a late person to be on time for? Do you schedule a departure time or dinner start at 5:00 when it’s really 5:30 to help clock challenged people? Is it lying, or more like helping others with time management issues, fudging, fibbing, or whatever?

The chronically late do know, or figure out, that you’ve built in an extra 30 minutes. You do realize that, right? They can adjust accordingly. But it still works to a large degree. Do the always-late people not lie to themselves, too? Check their watch: It’s often ahead by five minutes. In their vehicles, it can upwards of half an hour!

The time lie is a wonderful deception. It might not be right, but it sure is morally defensible, for their own good, and most Golds do it and think it’s the right thing to do…for someone’s own good, if not for their stress and anxiety level.

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