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Where Blues Should Live

January 7th, 2016

Last, but definitely not least, here is where Blues might love to live:

Florence, Italy: With all the charm but less of the chaos of other Italian cities, Florence is an ideal fit for Blues. The quaint streets and comfortable neighborhoods allow for close-knit communities where Blues can establish deep connections with others and caring for each other. The family-oriented culture embraces these values whole-heartedly in a country steeped in artistic creativity.

Honolulu, Hawaii: OK, every Color wants to live here…but that’s because Blues make it such a special place. The city embodies tranquility and harmony. Blues value aesthetics, which makes the awe-inspiring backdrop of Honolulu a perfect spot for artistic Blues to find inspiration. The chance to build strong connections with loved ones makes the small and remote location of Hawaii ideal for Blues. Small enough to get to know a lot of locals, and almost always sunny – the Blue equivalent of being eternally positive…

San Francisco, CA: It’s a perfect Blue fit! The liberal values of San Francisco have been attracting Blues for a generation. Known for its more laid-back attitude and focus on taking care of the less fortunate, the city is a haven for exploring numerous avenues of self-expression and personal growth. The buzzing, vibrant city mirrors the attitude of effervescent Blues…and the awe-inspiring beauty of all those rainbows over the Golden Gate bridge…

…and a Blue bonus place: It’s not a city as such, but Disneyland (or Anaheim) would definitely be on the top five list for Blues. It’s the happy place…what else would you need to know? Oh, and add the class, culture, and artistic Paris to the Blue list, too…(Adapted from MBTI Heidi Priebe FB posting)

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