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Greens Might Want to Move to:

November 7th, 2015

Want to find a city that might totally fit your first Color? If you’re Green, it may be:

Silicon Valley, CA: Any must-move-to list has to start with this area for innovative Greens. The city thrives on intellectually stimulating environments that encourage both logical thinking and creativity. The huge quantity of tech companies and startups allow the Green inquisitive and project-focused Greens to thrive. There’s no shortage of brainpower here, which means Greens will never run out of new ideas…to develop…or pick apart…

Hong Kong, China: This city offers a diverse fusion of the Eastern and Western world with enough languages, diversity, and opportunity to keep Greens intellectually stimulated for a lifetime. Greens live to explore new avenues of thoughts and methods of experiencing life. This sprawling city is as diverse as the mind of any Green. The constant new opportunities to learn, progress and change matches the values of Greens in their ever-evolving existence.

Seattle, Washington: This is one of the most highly educated and literate cities in the US. The city offers a perfect fit for the cerebral Greens who are open-minded, yet guarded – curious, yet hesitant – private, yet deeply intrigued. Seattle fits Greens in being a very progressive city where the science and technology fields attract massive numbers of Greens. It gives them the ideal peer group (with credibility) with whom to share thoughts, ideas, and theories. As a bonus, the frequent gloomy weather drives people indoors, giving Greens the perfect excuse to focus on their work.

(Adapted from Heidi Priebe FB posting)

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