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A Colors Explanation Of the Election?

November 7th, 2015

This is NOT about politics – it’s only about Colors. I sent this to a relative two weeks before the Canadian election date, but many of you asked. It doesn’t explain everything, and should use the words “typically..sometimes…often…might…frequently…” throughout! I’d love it if you disagree. Just send me a note…please?

35% of Canadians are Gold. They’re traditional..my dad drove a Chevy, so I drive one, they frequent the same restaurant, are great savers, and really conservative with money. It’s why tons of them generally vote Conservative (balanced budget, live on what you make, etc.)

Oranges are 20%. They have a lot of opinions, intend to vote, but then something comes up that day, or they show up at the polling station, see the long line, and often leave. It doesn’t help that Canada has almost no Orange politicians that connect with them in at least “telling it like it is.”

Greens are 14%. They’ll be very well informed, and do vote, but they aren’t a big enough group to make a significant impact. The exception would be Elizabeth May on Victoria Island, a magnet for a certain type of Greens.

Blues are 30% in Canada (about a third of that in the US). Most of them are female, and millions of them live in Ontario and control elections. They typically tend to vote social issues. That’s why we have universal health care, one year maternity leave, social programs, and many other things that do cost money and taxes but are priorities to Blues in “taking care of others.” (But a big conflict with Blue/Golds)

Green Prime Minister Harper can’t and hasn’t connected with them. They see Justin Trudeau as smiling, energetic, positive, “nice,” and talking a lot about social programs, unity, coming together, etc. That’s who they’re going to vote for. Nope, it’s not entirely logical, nor is it the only reason, but they will. In a conflict between spending on people or balanced budgets, they’ll be torn – but the “helping people” part typically wins out.

Studies show that scandals have a lifespan of six months tops before people don’t use it in their voting decision. The former Liberal nightmares were all 10 years ago. Studies also show over and over that people HATE negative ads. But they work. They just don’t work with most Blues, and that’s strike #80 or so against the PC party’s ad strategy.

Ontario (where millions of Blues live) last week became the highest indebted non-country in the world! Their debt is more than financial basket-case California, which has 10 times the population! Provincially and federally, voters have a very long track record of not making that a priority in their votes. In Ontario, the liberals will gain tons of seats, and that will be a wrap on the election….

In Quebec it’s the same. They have massively subsidized daycare, huge social programs, etc. that are killing the provincial finances. They may be worth it, or they may not be affordable, but it is what it is. That’s one big reason Quebec hasn’t voted Conservative since the 80s. There, it’s either NDP (in the last election), or Liberals this time.


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