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Your Color Should Probably Live In…

September 28th, 2015

Want to find a city where that likely totally fits your first Color? Here are three suggestions for Golds and Oranges: (We’ll cover Blues and Greens next month)

Golds: Zurich, Switzerland: Ah, nothing like a clean, well-ordered city where everyone gets along nicely and everything works as it should. Reserved but polite, the citizens of Switzerland don’t like to raise much of a fuss unless they have to. They get business done, then retire to their well-maintained homes with their close-knit families. No fuss, no muss, no big disagreements. Always neutral Switzerland is the ideal spot for getting-along Golds.

Shanghai, China: It’s known as the economic, commercial, and financial center of China – ideal for business-minded Golds. This is a city and Color that thrives on efficiency and progression in the workplace. It’s the big leagues of international business, putting hard working Golds right into the heart of opportunities.

Berlin, Germany: Golds value clear-cut, upstanding efficiencies and Germany offers an ideal cultural fit. This historic city has a huge no-nonsense focus on education, development, and intellect. The city and the Color has no hesitation when it comes to getting things done, and done efficiently and on-time. Patriotic to the core, but private in their personal lives, Golds will certainly enjoy the structured, independent values of Berlin!
Oranges: Queenstown, New Zealand: Called the “Adrenaline capital of the world” is pretty much all Oranges need to know. It’s like a giant playground to the sensory-oriented Oranges who thrive on hands-on activities and are drawn to extreme sports like heliskiing, skydiving, and hang gliding. They can usually be found dangling from cliffs with a Gopro strapped to their heads. Oranges are very independent by nature and adventurous in spirit…more or less the exact definition of a Kiwi.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Oranges like it hot – in many senses of the phrase. Rio is alive and vibrant with music, culture, passion, and excitement. They want to be where the action is and the party never stops. Rio has unlimited opportunities for people-focused Colors to mingle, mix, network, and live it up. Plus, the mind-blowing backdrop of the city and the coming Olympics!

Los Angeles: Ah, to be where the people are…particularly the people hooking up and living it up. Oranges thrive on connections, which makes the celebrity filled city of Angels an ideal spot to be in the limelight and at the center of the latest goings-on. And the constantly changing nature of the film industry where it matters a lot who you know and whether you can get yourself noticed…probably not going to be a problem is it, Oranges? (Adapted from Heidi Priebe FB posting)


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